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SK hynix Inc., headquartered in Korea, is the world’s top tier semiconductor supplier offering Dynamic Random Access Memory chips (“DRAM”), Flash memory chips (“NAND Flash”) and CMOS Image Sensors (“CIS”) for a wide range of distinguished customers globally.

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Financial Performance

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FY 2023 Unit: Billion KRW

Revenue 32,766
Op. Profit -7,730
Net Profit -9,138

Products & Services

Sales Breakdown (as of 2023, Korea)

Business Areas


Aiming to lead the global DRAM industry by providing high-quality DRAM products for diverse needs and markets, including mobile and server, through innovative technology development.


Manufacturing the latest NAND flash such as TLC and QLC, while continuously developing products with higher data processing speed and a wide range of capacities.


Also providing the best NAND Flash solutions to meet the diverse needs of the customers, particularly with revolutionary high-quality SSDs for enterprise, clients, and consumers.


Planning to lead a new chapter in CIS market through high-resolution CMOS sensors serving as a electronic eyes.



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Brand Identity

SK hynix is ushering in a new future by leading the technology-based IT ecosystem. With a tenacious commitment and technological innovations, SK hynix is striving to make a future where all stakeholders and members of society enjoy shared growth. By establishing a system with a new brand identity, SK hynix is aiming to become a maker of a better world that is at the core of advanced technology.

Double Bottom Line

SK hynix recognizes social responsibility as an integral part of gaining the trust of our stakeholders and taking our corporate value to the next level. We have already declared the Double Bottom Line (DBL) Management System in pursuit of both economic and social value creation and have taken initiatives to balance these two values while gaining competitive advantages. With SK Management System’s (SKMS) philosophy that “All value that a company creates for the happiness of its stakeholders is social value” and that by creating social value a company “will elevate its economic value and develop a relationship of trust with its stakeholders,” SK hynix has expanded the meaning of social value to include the pursuit of employees’ happiness and resolving social issues.

Sustainability Report


Business History


  • Aug Developed HBM3E with the world’s best specifications
    Developed LPDDR5X DRAM with the world’s highest capacity
    Unveiled samples of the world’s tallest NAND with 321 layers
  • Jun Initiated mass production of the world’s tallest 4D NAND with 238 layers
  • Apr Developed the world’s first 12-layer HBM3
  • Jan Developed the world’s fastest mobile DRAM, LPDDR5T


  • Sep Announced plans to build the M15X plant
  • Aug Completed the acquisition of a key foundry
    Developed the world’s tallest NAND with 238 layers
  • Jun Started mass production of HBM3 DRAM
  • Mar Appointed Kwak Noh-Jung as president and CEO
    10th anniversary of the company’s incorporation into SK Group
  • Feb Developed next-generation semiconductor memory, PIM
  • Jan Launched ICT alliance with SK Telecom and SK Square


  • Dec Closed the first deal in the acquisition of Intel’s NAND business
  • Oct Developed the world’s first HBM3 DRAM
  • Jul Full-scale mass production of 10nm class 4th-gen DRAM using EUV
  • May Announced 2020 social value (SV) achievements
  • Mar Started mass-production of LPDDR5 Mobile DRAM with industry’s largest capacity
    Board appointed Park Jung-ho as Co-CEO
  • Feb Announced the completion of M16 Plant construction
  • Jan Announced SV 2030, a roadmap for maximizing social values


  • Dec Joined RE100 (Renewable Energy 100)
    Unveiled the industry’s most multilayered 176-layer 4D NAND flash
  • Oct Launched world’s first DDR5 DRAM
    Announced to acquire Intel NAND memory business
  • Sep Invested in AI specialized company ‘Gauss Labs Inc.’ to lead SK’s future value creation
  • Aug Launched Gold P31, the world’s first 128-layer NAND consumer PCIe NVMe SSD
  • Jul Started mass-production of high-speed DRAM, “HBM2E”
  • Apr Won the grand prize of Water Security 2019 awarded by CDP
    Started to sample “PE8000” series, the company’s newest and most advanced line-up of eSSDs


  • Dec Received Environmental Product Declaration for 10nm-Class LPDDR4 Products
  • Oct Developed 1Znm 16Gb DDR4 DRAM
  • Aug Unveiled “Gold S31” Consumer Solid-State Drive on Amazon
    Developed the industry’s fastest HBM2E
  • Jun Started mass-producing the world’s first 128-layer 1Tb TLC 4D NAND
  • May Shipped samples of 96-layer 1Tb QLC 4D NAND
  • Apr Completed expanded fab (C2F) in Wuxi, China
  • Mar Announced KRW 1.2 trillion support plans for mutual growth at the “Semiconductor Cluster”
    Demonstrated industry’s first ZNS-based SSD solution for next-gen data centers
  • Feb A Special Purpose Company (SPC) submitted an Investment Letter of Intent for a “Semiconductor Cluster” to Yongin city government


  • Dec Broke ground for M16 at its headquarters in Icheon
    Appointed Dr. Seok-hee Lee as the new Chief Executive Officer
  • Nov Developed 1Ynm 16Gb DDR5 DRAM
    Developed 1Ynm 8Gb DDR4 DRAM
    Launched the world’s first ‘96-layer CTF-based 4D NAND Flash’
  • Oct Introduced a new slogan “We Do Technology”
    Held a ceremony celebrating the completion of M15 in Cheongju
  • Jul Announced a construction plan of a new semiconductor fabrication plant in Icheon
  • Jun Completed procedure to take over Toshiba Memory through consortium between Korea, America and Japan
  • May Completion of Happy More, ‘Subsidiary Standard Workplace for People with Disabilities’
  • Mar Introduction of outside director system and establishment of continuous management commission within the board of directors
  • Feb Development of 4th generation (72 phase) 3D NAND-based 4TByte SATA SSD for business use
    Started 4th generation (72 phase) NAND-based next generation PCIe eSSD customer certification


  • Oct Operated “SK hynix Industrial Health Advancement Continuation Committee”
  • Sep Presented construction plan for the Icheon Campus Research and Development Center
    Investment decision for Toshiba Memory
  • Jul Established ‘SK hynix System IC’, which is a subsidiary specializing in foundry
  • Apr Introduced Industry’s Fastest 8Gb Graphics DRAM(GDDR6)
    Introduced Industry’s Highest 72-Layer 3D NAND Flash
  • Jan Launched the World’s First Highest Density of 8GB LPDDR4X


  • Dec Announced construction of a cutting-edge NAND Flash FAB in Cheongju
  • Oct Entered into an agreement with Stanford University to R&D ‘Artificial Neural Network Devices’
    Joined the nation’s first ‘Platinum Club’ of CDP’s the best honor
  • Aug MOU for an establishment of ‘Subsidiary Typed Standard Workplace’ with KEAD
  • Feb Launched a handball team ‘SK Hawks’


  • Aug Established M14 line in Icheon
    Expanded IP and commercial relationship with SanDisk
  • Jun Introduced industry’s first model of wage sharing with business partners
  • Feb the world’s first commercialization of 8Gb LPDDR4
  • Jan Announced all-time high financial results for FY2014


  • Dec Signed a MOU for joint development of nano imprint lithography with Toshiba
  • Oct Developed the world’s first 16GB NVDIMM
  • Sep Established a back-end line in Chongqing, Sichuan Province, China
    Listed on the DJSI World for 5 consecutive years
    Developed the world’s first wide IO2 mobile DRAM
  • Jun Acquired firmware division of Softeq Development FLLC.
  • May Acquired PCIe card division of Violin Memory
  • Apr Developed the world’s first 128GB DDR4 module


  • Dec Developed the world’s first 20nm class LPDDR4
    Developed the world’s first TSV-based HBM
  • Nov Established mass production system of 16nm NAND flash
  • Oct Developed the world’s first 20nm Class 6Gb LPDDR3
  • Aug Opened an integrated analysis center
  • Jul Signed a cross license agreement with Samsung Electronics Co.
  • Jun Signed a patent license agreement with Rambus
    Developed the world’s first high density 8Gb LPDDR3
  • Feb Appointed Dr. Sung Wook Park as the new chief executive officer


  • Sep Developed low-voltage 4Gb graphics DDR3
    Launched the flash solution design center
  • Jun Established M12 line in Cheongju
    Launched client-side SSD
    Acquired Link_A_Media devices
    Acquired Ideaflash S.r.l. and established a flash R&D center in Europe
    Signed joint development for PCRAM with IBM
  • Apr Signed a strategic alliance with Spansion
  • Mar Changed the company name to ‘SK hynix Inc.’
  • Feb SK Telecom becomes Hynix’s largest shareholder
    Appointed Mr. Tae-won Chey as the new chairman & chief executive office
    Appointed Mr. Sung Min Ha as the chairman of board of directors


  • Nov SK Telecom signed the share purchase agreement with the Hynix share management council
  • Jul Signed joint development for MRAM with Toshiba
  • Jun Appointed Mr. In-Baik Jeon as the chairman of BOD
  • Apr Developed 30nm-class 2Gb high performance DDR4 DRAM
  • Mar Developed 40nm-class 16Gb DDR3 DRAM using TSV technology


  • Sep Named to Dow Jones sustainability world index
    Signed a joint development agreement with HP on Next Generation Memory Products, ReRAM
  • Jun Completed construction of a back-end joint venture, HITECH semiconductor package & test, in China
  • Mar Appointed Mr. Oh Chul Kwon as the new chief executive officer
  • Feb Developed 20nm-class 64Gb NAND flash
  • Jan Developed the world’s first 2Gb Mobile Low Power DDR2 DRAM


  • Dec Introduced the world’s first 40nm Class 2Gb GDDR5 DRAM
  • Nov Acquired Intel validation for 40nm Class 2Gb DDR3 products
  • Oct Introduced the second generation 1Gb DDR3
  • Aug Introduced 4Gb mobile DDR SDRAM supported on Intel’s Moorestown platform
  • May Announced the world’s first 8GB 2-Rank DDR3 R-DIMM validation
  • Apr Developed the world’s first Low Power-High Speed Mobile 1Gb DDR2 DRAM
  • Mar Announced the world’s first 8GB 2-Rank DDR3 R-DIMM validation
  • Feb Developed the world’s first 44nm DDR3 DRAM
  • Jan Acquired Intel validation for the world’s first ultra-high speed DDR3 based module for servers 4GB ECC UDIMM


  • Dec Developed the world’s first 2Gb Mobile DRAM
  • Nov Introduced industry’s fastest 7Gbps, 1Gb GDDR5 graphics DRAM
  • Aug Completed construction of 300mm fabrication plant of 3rd factory in Cheongju
    US decided to lift countervailing duty order on DRAM
    Demonstrated world’s first 16 GB 2-Rank R-DIMM using metaRAM™ technology
    Numonyx and Hynix extend efforts to introduce new, innovative NAND flash memory products and technologies
  • Jul Announced closure of Eugene fabrication plant
  • May Signed amendment to strengthen long-term strategic alliance with ProMOS
  • Apr Released the ‘Sustainability Report’
    Applauded the council of the European Unions move to lift countervailing duties on Hynix DRAMs
    Developed the world’s fastest Mobile LPDDR2
    Signed license and joint development agreement on Spin-Transfer Torque MRAM (STT-RAM) with Grandis
  • Mar Announced new board of directors
    Contracted with Fidelix for strategic alliance
  • Feb Introduced 2-Rank 8GB DDR2 RDIMM
    Announced strengthening R&D sector
  • Jan Signed an agreement for cooperating joint R&D program of next-generation non-volatile memory technology
    Arranged Toyota benchmarking program in order to establish innovative system
    Announced 800MHz, 1GB/2GB UDIMM validation
    Held a strategic management workshop for sustainability managementt


  • Dec Successfully offer global convertible notes
    Opened a new webpage
  • Nov WTO upholded ruling against Japan over punitive tariffs on imports of Hynix chips
    Signed on CIS business cooperation with SiliconFile
    Introduced ‘New Working Board System’
    Acquired Intel validation for 1Gb DDR2 DRAM
    Developed industry’s first 1Gb GDDR5 DRAM
  • Oct Signed an agreement for cooperating environmental management with Korean Federation for Environmental Movement
    Signed technology and licensing agreement for PRAM with Ovonyx
  • Sep Hynix-ST Semiconductor Ltd. Signed to Sell 200mm equipment to CRH
    Developed the world’s first NAND Flash MCP with 24 stacked chips
  • Aug Reached license agreement with ISi on Z-RAM memory technology
    Developed industry’s fastest, smallest 1Gb mobile DRAM
  • Jul Announced corporate slogan ‘Good Memory’
    Announced corporate mid-long term master plan
  • May Developed the world’s first NAND Flash 24 stacks multi chip package
    Acquired the industry’s first validation on DDR3 DRAMs from Intel
  • Apr Achieved the top-level operating profit margin
    Launched mass production of DOC H3
  • Mar Appointed Mr. Jong-Kap Kim as the new chairman & CEO
    Reached patent cross license agreement and signed MOU to form joint venture for x4 technology with SanDisk
    Signed semiconductor patent cross licensing and supply agreements with Toshiba
    Announced ‘ECO Mark’
    Developed the world’s fastest ECC mobile DRAM
    Announced new board of directors
  • Jan Posted record revenue and profit for 2006
    Developed the fastest memory module based on ‘Wafer Level Package’ technology


  • Dec Announced industry’s first 60nm 1Gb DDR2 800MHz based modules
    Developed the world’s fastest 200MHz 512Mb mobile DRAM
  • Oct Posted record high revenues since foundation
    Established a global manufacturing network with complete construction of Hynix-ST Semiconductor Inc
  • Sep Launched 300mm research fab line
  • Mar Acquired the industry’s first validation on 80nm 512Mb DDR2 DRAMs from Intel
  • Jan Announced joint development plan of DOC H3 (new generation DiskOnChip embedded flash drive) with M-Systems


  • Dec Developed the world’s first 512Mb GDDR4, the industry’s fastest and highest density graphics DRAM
  • Nov Launched the industry’s first JEDEC standard 8GB DDR2 R-DIMM
  • Jul Received industry’s first Intel validation on high density-high speed 2GB DDR2-667 SODIMMs
    Emerged from Corporate Restructuring Promotion Act ahead of schedule
  • Jun Completed successful fund-raising of $1.8 billion through overseas bond issue and syndicated loan in local market
    Developed industry’s first ultra-high-speed DDR2-800 memory module and received validation from Taiwan-based ASUS
  • May Began mass production of chips from 12-inch plant, M10
  • Apr Launched Hynix-ST joint venture construction in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Mar Posted record high operating profit for year 2004 as a whole
  • Jan Developed x8-based memory modules for servers with 30 pct higher power efficiency
    Contracted with Taiwan-based ProMOS for strategic alliance
    Signed strategic alliance contract with Taiwan’s ProMOS Technologies


  • Nov Signed contract with STMicroelectronics for setting up plant in China
  • Oct Completed sale of non-memory business
  • Aug Signed contract with Wuxi City government for setting up plant in China
  • Jun Signed non-memory Business Transfer Agreement with System Semiconductor
  • Feb Developed 512Mb NAND flash memory
    Acquired DDR2 SDRAM validation From Intel


  • Dec Acquired 512Mb DDR2 SDRAM validation from Intel
  • Sep Received fourth consecutive year Partners in Performance award from Selestica
  • Aug Developed 0.18-micron high voltage process technology
    Developed 1Gb DDR2 RAM
  • Jul Produced ultra-speed 256Mb DDR500
  • Jun Acquired 512Mb DDR400 validation from Intel
    Produced organic EL driver capable of lighting in 4,096 colors
    Established research lab for environment, safety and technology
  • May Started mass production of ultra-low power 256Mb SDRAM for mobile phone use
    Succeeded in mass production of 0.10-micron “Golden Chip”
  • Apr Strategically cooperated with STMicroelectronics in flash memory development
  • Mar Developed commercialization technology of Fe RAM
    Produced CMOS high-frequency PLL IC chip
  • Feb Acquired 256Mb DDR 400 validation from Intel
  • Jan Acquired 333Mbps ultra-speed 512Mb DDR SDRAM validation from Intel Spun off HYDIS (TFT-LCD)


  • Sep Signed MOU to spin off Hydis
  • Aug Developed the world’s first high-density, wide-bandwidth 256MB DDR SDRAM
    Opened local website for memory module sale
  • Jul Developed bluetooth ‘Embedded Flash Base-Band Chip’
  • Jun Developed the world’s first 256MB SDR SDRAM for high-end consumer application
  • May Signed long-term agreement for foundry supply with Cirrus
  • Mar Developed 1Gb DDR DRAM module
  • Feb Acquired validation for DDR SDRAM from VIA
  • Jan Signed agreement to transfer stake in “Hyundai Syscomm”


  • Dec Developed the world’s fastest 128Mb DDR SDRAM
    Developed 8bit MCUs for car audio use and started mass production
  • Sep Sold TFT-LCD assets for $650m
  • Aug Completed separation from Hyundai Group
  • Jul Spun off CDMA Mobile Communication Equipment Manufacture Unit to ‘Hyundai Syscomm’
    Launched mass production of MCU for flash memory cards
  • Jun Spun off Hynix’s Management Supporting Unit to “ASTEC”
    Entered “Multi Chip Package” market
    Developed two types of 32Mb super-low power flash memory
  • May Spun off Network Business Unit to ‘Hyundai Networks’
    Completed official spin-off of ADSL operation
    Developed 1Mb FeRAM
    Completed official spin-off of handset operation to Hyundai CuriTel
  • Apr Started mass production of the world’s fastest DDR SDRAM for graphics
    Introduced new CI
    Acquired 288Mb RDRAM validation from Rambus
  • Mar Started to supply the world’s fastest DDR SDRAM module for main memory to Compaq Computer Corporation
    Changed the Company name to ‘Hynix Semiconductor Inc.’
    Developed 8Mb super-low power SRAM
    Spun off Customer Service Operation to ‘Hyundai Digitech Service’
  • Feb Sold Hyundai Electronics basketball team to KCC
    Spun off Satellite Service Unit
    Acquired validation from AMD and VIA for 128Mb and 256MB DDR SDRAM
    Signed contract with Hewlett-Packard for exclusive memory module supply
  • Jan Received certificate on health and safety category from British Standards Institution
    Developed Korea’s first Pb-free semiconductor


  • Dec Acquired Telecommunications Leadership 9000 certification Developed 256MB micro-semiconductor module
  • Oct Launched collaborative product & process innovation system Entered India’s CDMA WLL equipment market Proclaimed new slogan as “Human & Digital”
  • Sep Adopted corporate research commissioner system
  • Aug Developed new 15.0/18.1 inch TFT-LCD module Launched satellite communications service for Asia-Pacific region Spun off Monitor Business Unit to “Hyundai Imagequest” Spun off PDP Business Unit
  • Jul Strategically cooperated with LG Electronics in semiconductor business Received validation for electric money in China
    Initiated global cash management system with Bank of America Started annual salary system
  • Jun Begun mass production of world-class 18.1-Inch TFT LCD monitor Launched new photoresist for semiconductors Entered Brazilian WLL terminal market
  • May Acquired ISO 14001 from LRQA for environment-friendly management in all business units Exported ADSL system firstly in Korea
  • Apr Sold Scotland’s semiconductor factory to Motorola
    Succeeded in developing new Ferrolectric RAM, FeRAM Started production of ultra-low voltage flash memory Started mass production of MCU for recharging battery MPEG-4/7 technology was selected as international standard
  • Feb Received CMTL award from Intel at ‘Intel Developer Conference’


  • Dec Agreed on long-term supply contract of CDMA equipment with Airtouch
    Implemented stock option system firstly among big Korean manufacturers
  • Nov 19 inch monitor was selected as best monitor by German PC magazine
  • Oct Developed the world’s first new memory manufacturing process technology
    Merged Hyundai Semiconductor Co,. Ltd.
  • Jul Took over large stockholder’s share of LG Semiconductor
  • Jun Started mass production of the world’s fastest 16M synchronous DRAM for graphics
  • May Agreed on stock transfer contract with LG Group and LG Semiconductor
  • Mar Sold semiconductor assembly company (ChipPAC)
  • Feb Produced Korea’s first MP3 decoder chip


  • Dec Succeeded in mass production of photosensitive material for 4G DRAM firstly in Korea and exported technology
    Developed 0.25㎛ non-memory manufacturing technology
  • Nov Started mass production of the world’s fastest 128M SDRAM
  • Oct Developed 4th generation 64M synchronous DRAM
  • Sep Developed 64M DDR synchronous DRAM
    Developed the world’s smallest direct RAMBUS DRAM
    Developed next generation memory, FeRam
  • Aug MAXTOR (HDD manufacture and supply) IPO on NASDAQ
  • Apr Marketed PCS with ‘Voice Recognition’ technology
  • Mar MPEG-4 core technology was selected as international standard
  • Feb Developed Korea’s first non-memory semiconductor for automobile
    Self-developed Korea’s first 26 inch PDP


  • Dec Established 5 million-piece monthly production system of 64M DRAM chip
    Developed Korea’s first digital HDTV broadcasting system
  • Nov Developed the world’s first Synclink DRAM test product
  • May Developed the world’s first 1G synchronous DRAM using SOI technology


  • Dec Started IPO
  • Oct Established semiconductor fab in Scotland, UK
  • Sep Participated in Taiwan’s satellite communication service business
  • Aug Participated in India’s satellite communication service business
  • Feb Started construction of semiconductor plant in Oregon, USA (HSA)
  • Jan Took over MAXTOR (HDD manufacture and supply)


  • Dec Entered best ten manufacturers in Korea
  • Oct Developed the world’s first 256M SRAM
  • Aug Established semiconductor plant in Oregon, USA (HSA)
  • Apr Developed the world’s first MPEG-2 SAVI decoder chip
  • Feb Established non-memory US corporation, SYMBIOS


  • May Established China corporation, HECS
  • Apr Established US corporation, AXIL
  • Mar Participated in GLOBALSTAR (artificial satellite business)


  • Dec Exceeded ten-million-set target line in car audio production
  • Oct Signed technology agreement with FUJITSU
    Exceeded 4 million-set target line in shipment of monitor
    Acquired ISO 9002 on telecommunications category
    Acquired ISO 9002 on car audio category firstly in Korea
  • Sep Acquired ISO 9001 on semiconductor category
  • Aug Developed CD-VISION 2000
    Developed car CD auto changer
    Acquired ISO 9002 on computer category
    Took over Maxtor (US HDD manufacturer)
    Developed 1M Fast SRAM
  • Jul Acquired ISO 9002 on monitor & terminal category
    Started pilot production of 16M DRAM in FAB IV
  • Jun Developed 8M MASK ROM
    Completed construction of FAB IV
    Developed HA, unmanned security system
    Took over Gold Star’s camera assembly line
  • Mar Acquired ISO 9002 on hybrid IC & memory module category
    Opened new Media Operation Division
  • Feb Developed GPS, automotive navigation apparatus for car thirdly in the world
  • Jan Succeeded in developing and localizing Car CDP DECK
    Developed IC card for memory extension
    Developed 3 inch STN LCD


  • Dec Completed construction of FAB 2 B-Line
  • Nov Was selected as the most excellent company by US Analog Devices-PMI in semiconductor assembly part
  • Sep Developed 64M DRAM
    Developed 64M DRAM sample product as government assignment
    Acquired ISO 9002 in semiconductor assembly category
    Developed 2nd generation 16M DRAM
  • Jul Developed DSP built-in car audio firstly in Korea
  • Jun Operated automotive electronics division, IN-line System
  • May Developed private switchboard HNT-832
  • Mar Developed G4 FAX
  • Jan Joo-yong Kim assumed office as CEO & president


  • Nov Developed 1M Slow SRAM
  • Oct Domestically marketed the smallest and lightest mobile phone
  • Aug Established Singapore corporation (HES)
    Domestically marketed 486 PC
  • Jul Exceeded 1 hundred-million-piece target line in monthly semiconductor assembly capacity
  • May Selected new CI for Hyundai Electronics
  • Apr Started mass production of 4M DRAM
  • Mar Developed 16M DRAM
  • Feb Developed 16M DRAM pilot product as government assignment


  • Nov Exceeded 5 million-set target line in production of car audio
  • Sep Started camera export to US
  • Jul Held National S/W Competition for university students
  • Apr Developed 1,200 bps PAGER firstly in Korea
  • Feb Established HEA Semiconductor and Computer R&D Center
  • Jan Started production of 1M DRAM


  • Nov Completed construction of FAB III Started production of VGA color monitor
  • Oct Exported PC to Japan firstly in Korea
  • Sep Exceeded 1 million-set target line in production of ARTPHONE and self-developed 4M DRAM
  • Aug Developed 256K Fast SRAM
  • Jul Produced 1 million sets of monitor
  • May Formed Hyundai Electronics basketball team
  • Apr Acquired top grade in Quality Control(Q.C) of car audio
    Launched joint development of 16M DRAM
  • Jan Ranked 20th in the world semiconductor market


  • Dec Developed automatic answering phone
  • Nov Developed automatic answering phone
  • Oct Exceeded 2 million-set target line in car audio production Completed semiconductor assembly SMD line
  • Jul Exceeded 7 million-piece mark in monthly sales
  • Jun Developed 256K slow SRAM
    Exceeded 500 thousand-set target line in export of monitor
    Agreed on technical cooperation in ASIC with LSI Logics Co. in US
  • Apr Topped in export of PC in Korea
  • Jan Completed development of 1M DRAM


  • Dec Car phone HKP-308 was selected as “Governmental Form Recognition No.1″
    Started 3.5” FDD production
  • Oct Exceeded hundred- thousand-piece target line in export of car phone
    Started export of 256K DRAM
    Exceeded million-piece target line in export of car audio
  • Sep Developed 4th generation switchboard HX-400
  • Aug Agreed on contract for 256K DRAM foundry supply with US-based TI
  • Jul Agreed on technical cooperation in 256K SRAM with MOS Electronic Co.
  • Apr Entered FA market
    Launched satellite broadcasting receiver
  • Feb Topped in key phone sales
  • Jan Agreed on OEM supply contract with AIWA in production of car audio


  • Nov Exceeded thousand-piece target line in production of “Hyundai Art phone”
  • Oct Completed construction of FAB 1B- LINE
  • Sep Developed 4M DRAM in joint with the government
  • Aug Developed CMOS type 256K EPROM
  • Jul Started OEM production of key phone
    Developed private switchboard, PABXHX50
  • Jun Held first employees’ culture fair, “Ami Carnival”
  • May Started production and export of car audio CX-135E to Canada firstly in Korea
  • Apr Opened semiconductor sales head office
    Established semiconductor research institute
  • Mar Started production and sale of “ARTPHONE”
  • Jan Opened software division head office


  • Dec Started shipment of 16K SRAM
  • Oct Started mass production system of 256K DRAM
  • Sep Started mass production of 400MHz key phone
  • Jul Completed construction of semiconductor assembly plant
  • May Marketed general phones in Korea
    Started mass production of 16K SRAM
    Started mass production of 64K DRAM
  • Apr Completed construction of car audio plant
  • Mar Agreed on production and supply contract of semiconductor foundry with US-based TI
    Started pilot production of semiconductor


  • Dec Succeeded in pilot production of 16K SRAM firstly in Korea
  • Oct Opened US corporation, HEA
  • Sep Completed construction of FAB II-A
  • Aug Began construction of semiconductor assembly plant
  • Apr Completed construction of communication equipment plant
    Completed construction of information equipment plant
  • Feb Mong-hun Chung assumed office as CEO & president


  • Nov Started the first manufacturing of “Multifunctional Phone LX-2” as complete product
  • Oct Began construction of Icheon plant
  • May Agreed on contract of establishing PC sales agency with US-based IBM
  • Mar Established US corporation (HEA)
  • Feb Established Hyundai Electronics Co., Ltd
    Began semiconductor business

Global Network

  • Production site (4)
  • R&D subsidiary (3)
  • Sales office (16)
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