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Dr. Moon S. Song Appointed Executive Vice President in Charge of Hyundai Electronics Telecommunications Business Unit

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– Dr. Song to oversee CDMA, wireless, and DSL business operations in Korea and the U.S.

Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. (HEI) today announced the appointment of Dr. Moon S. Song to executive vice president and general manager in charge of the company’s telecommunications business unit. He reports to C.S. Park, president and chief executive officer at HEI. Hyundai’s Telecommunications Business Unit is comprised of CDMA wireless handsets, network systems, and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) central office and customer premise equipment. Dr. Song said his near-term objectives are to closely evaluate the business unit’s current strategy; establish the necessary infrastructure to improve Hyundai’s market position; establish closer working relationships with carrier customers; forge new strategic alliances; and develop additional supplier relationships to secure material resources to grow the business. Particular attention will be placed on Hyundai’s handset business; however, the wireless networks business will be handled with longer term strategic review and change. Dr. Song said, “Handsets demand day-to-day attention and proper execution because the product life cycle including design is less than six months long. This is very short and is becoming shorter. Timing is critical. Missing important milestones during the handset product cycle can severely jeopardize our handset business.” Under his leadership, Hyundai’s telecommunications business is expected to aggressively grow at a pace of 40 percent a year. Last year, Hyundai’s telecommunications sales were just under $800 million. This year, revenue is projected to reach $1.1 billion. Dr. Song said, “The telecommunications industry is over 100 years old. But now, we are at the threshold of new and revolutionary change due to the Internet. In five years, the telecommunications industry spurred by the Internet will have a new look. It is going to completely reshape itself. Internet traffic is now increasing dramatically and will only grow faster. Telecommunications traffic will grow exponentially. All this market growth bodes well for Hyundai’s business opportunities to continue to serve our customers.” He was director of technology at DSC Communications in the U.S. before joining Samsung. There, he developed an adaptive differential pulse code modulation (ADPCM) transcoder system that doubled channel capacity of a T1 digital trunk. He also participated in the development of an echo canceller system, and led various ASIC development projects for telecommunication equipment. He received his BSEE from Seoul National University, MSEE from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science with a major in computerized numerical control, and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University with a major in telecommunications and digital signal processing. About Hyundai Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. (HEI) is an industry leader in the development, manufacture, sales, marketing, and distribution of high-quality semiconductors (including DRAM, SRAM, flash memory, and system IC devices), telecommunications products, and liquid crystal displays. Hyundai’s Telecommunications Business Unit provides high-quality CDMA wireless networks, handsets, and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) central office and customer premise equipment. All are produced in Hyundai’s ISO9001 certified large-scale production facility in Ichon, Korea. In 1996, Hyundai provided wireless systems for the first commercially deployed CDMA network. Korea continues to account for a large portion of the world’s CDMA subscribers. Building on this experience, Hyundai offers a full line of CDMA wireless network solutions deployed worldwide for mobile voice and data, wireless offices, and for wireless local loop in traditional and packet networks at 800, 1800, and 1900 MHz. Hyundai currently holds a major market share of DSL central office and customer premise equipment in Korea, one of the world’s largest growth markets. Based in Korea, Hyundai maintains development, manufacturing, sales and marketing facilities strategically worldwide. Hyundai Electronics America (HEA) is a U.S. subsidiary of Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. HEA is headquartered at 3101 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95134. For more information on Hyundai Electronics Telecommunications products and visit Hyundai Electronics web site at or call (408) 232-8700.