Environmental Management for a Better World

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There is a growing awareness of companies’ environmental responsibility in preservation of the global environment and ecosystem, due to many companies’ influences on the environment during the process of manufacturing and production. SK hynix is implementing its progressive ‘environmental management’ agenda through a sustainable management strategy that will contribute to society and facilitate effective solutions for numerous social and environmental problems, as well as achieving financial growth in these areas.

Environmental and Social Value Creation through Sustainable Management – 2022 ECO Vision

SK hynix pursues the creation of social values by contributing to the society and solving important social and environmental problems, acting as a leading corporate member of the global civil society. Under this management principle, SK hynix announced its ‘2022 ECO Vision’ in 2018 for eco-friendly semiconductor factories. With this announcement, SK hynix redefined ‘Environmental & Clean Operation’ to ‘ECO,’ standing for ecology and environment, to take the initiative in creating social values by operating eco-friendly semiconductor manufacturing plants.

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The 2022 ECO Vision includes: (1) Reducing Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission by 40% compared to BAU (Business As Usual, total projected emissions without artificial measures to reduce GHG emissions), (2) Achieving a 95% waste recycling rate, (3) Using 100% renewable energy at overseas facilities. SK hynix monitors every aspect if the whole manufacturing process, from electricity and water – essential for semiconductor production, to GHG and waste generated during the production. Furthermore, SK hynix aims to take the leading role in preserving the environment by minimizing waste production and maximizing the recycling of resources.

The First Korean Company to Obtain Zero Waste to Landfill Validation – Waste into Resources

Generating record-breaking sales in 2018, SK hynix’s GHG emissions, waste generation and water consumption all increased. As a result, SK hynix strengthened its workplaces’ environmental management to alleviate its environmental impact despite a higher production total, which includes environmental impact reduction activities via its sustainable management strategy.

A sign of what is to come, SK hynix became the first Korean company and 14th in the world to obtain Zero Waste to Landfill Silver validation, certified by the US-based Underwriters Laboratories (UL, leading safety standard certification organization). UL grades worksites annually, measuring the total weight of waste and non-recyclable waste per worksite. SK hynix’s Icheon and Cheongju Campus achieved a waste recycling rate of 90% and 94% respectively in 2017, satisfying criteria for a prestigious Silver grade (80% to 97%).

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As part of its effort to reduce the environmental impact caused by waste, SK hynix developed Poly Aluminum Surface Silicate (PASS), a new water treatment agent that is easier to neutralize due to its wide pH application range and lower Cl (Chlorine) emission compared to existing Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC). SK hynix is committed to minimizing waste emissions and maximizing the recycling of resources, by continuously strengthening its environmental management and continuing its research on waste management systems. SK hynix plans to expand this progressive waste treatment system to its Wuxi and Chongqing campuses, China, to promote its ‘waste into resources’ initiative.

Creating an Eco-Friendly Semiconductor Ecosystem with Suppliers

In July 2019, SK hynix launched its ‘ECO Alliance’ of 30 suppliers to expand its environmental management. This ‘ECO Alliance’ plans to resolve environmental problems within the semiconductor industry by enlisting the help of suppliers to achieve three major objectives: (1) Establishing and implementing environmental management goals for each participating company (2) Establishing and implementing a common vision and environmental goals (3) Establishing a new eco-friendly DBL business model.

Through this forward-thinking ECO Alliance, SK hynix plans to share its eco-friendly technologies and know-how with its suppliers, giving them the opportunity to establish and implement their very own environmental goals. For this, SK hynix plans to carry out various activities including quarterly meetings to share the latest trends related to environmental regulations, and training sessions to enhance SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) capabilities.

Inauguration ceremony of ECO Alliance, with SK hynix’s 30 suppliers

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SK hynix plans to continue its commitment in resolving environmental problems through its pioneering environmental management, while simultaneously implementing its mutual-growth management that allows the company and society to grow together.

Click the link to download the SK hynix Sustainability Report 2019 (ENG)