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hynix Announces World’s Fastest 128-Mb DDR SDRAM

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– New Device Optimal for Memory-Hungry Graphics

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SAN JOSE, Calif., December 18, 2001

hynix Semiconductor Inc. today announced it is sampling a 128-Mb DDR SDRAM (double-data-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory) with a 4Mx32 configuration and a 375 MHz clock speed―the fastest speed available in the industry for a DDR SDRAM device.

Manufactured with 0.16-micron technology, the new device is ideal for memory-intensive graphics applications in desktop and portable computing, as well as high-end consumer electronics. The new DDR SDRAM not only reduces power consumption by more than 40 percent, but it also increases memory capacity and efficiency, while doubling the performance of the memory sub-system.

As the pioneer of DDR technology, hynix continues to lead the industry’s transition from SDRAM to DDR SDRAM with a comprehensive product line that now includes the fastest 128-Mb device available in the industry. New Device Underscores hynix Viability in DDR Market “The introduction of this industry-leading device once again underscores hynix’s strong technology leadership in the DRAM market and our ability to meet the rapidly changing demands of today’s memory-hungry applications,” said Farhad Tabrizi, vice president of worldwide memory marketing at hynix. “We pioneered the DDR architecture, and this introduction demonstrates our continued viability as a key player in this highly competitive market.”

Two concurrent market trends have led to a strong industry need for a memory architecture that combines high speed and low-power consumption. The first is the demand for memory functionality resulting in the introduction of more powerful computer graphics. The second is the rapidly growing popularity of portable computing and communications devices, as well as other high-end consumer electronic appliances. Increasingly, it is the right combination of microprocessor and memory that ensures optimum system performance. The DDR architecture, pioneered by hynix, was designed to meet this critical industry need for a faster, less costly and less power-hungry DRAM.

Pricing and Availability Samples of the new DDR SDRAM device, part number HY5DU283222F, are currently available with pricing beginning at $10.00. It is available in an extremely cost-effective, small form factor, chip scale FBGA package (12 mm x 12 mm, 144-ball FBGA with 0.8 pin pitch). Production volumes are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2002