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hynix Breaks Ground for 12-inch Wafer Manufacturing Facility in Cheongju, Korea

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Seoul, April 26, 2007

hynix Semiconductor, Inc. (‘hynix’ or ‘the Company’, today officially announced the groundbreaking of its front-end 12-inch wafer fabrication facility in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, Korea.

The new manufacturing facility, named M11, is expected to strengthen the Company’s long-term competitiveness and further enhance its productivity and cost efficiency.

hynix plans to manufacture high-density NAND Flash memory devices implementing sub-48 nanometer process technology in the new facility.

The Company aims to complete construction in the second quarter of next year and commence mass-production in the third quarter, investing total of 3.8 trillion won for two years and four months.

The new M11 will be constructed on the 108,687 square meter site located in the Cheongju Industrial Complex where hynix currently operates two manufacturing facilities.

Mr. Jong-kap Kim, Chairman and CEO of hynix, said “Groundbreaking of M11 has significant meaning amid growing competition for 12-inch facilities in the semiconductor industry. M11 will lay the first stone for hynix to leap into the best semiconductor manufacturer, securing competitiveness for sustainable growth.” during the groundbreaking ceremony.

12-inch wafers boost productivity by more than 2.5 times compared to 8-inch wafers. Semiconductor manufacturers are aggressively expanding their 12-inch capacity to maximize production efficiency.

hynix owns manufacturing facilities in Icheon and Cheongju, Korea. The Company also has a manufacturing site in Eugene, Oregon, US, and another one in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China through the joint-venture with STMicroelectronics. hynix currently has two 12-inch fabs among its own facilities and acquires additional 12-inch wafers through the foundry supply agreement with ProMos in Taiwan.

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hynix Semiconductor Inc. (HSI) of Icheon, Korea, is the world’s top tier memory semiconductor supplier offering Dynamic Random Access Memory chips (“DRAMs”) and Flash memory chips for a wide range of distinguished customers globally. The Company’s shares are traded on the Korea Stock Exchange, and the Global Depository shares are listed on the Luxemburg Stock Exchange. Further information about hynix is available at