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hynix Enters MCP Market

By June 13, 2001 December 7th, 2020 No Comments
– hynix announced yesterday that it will launch its Multi-Chip Package (MCP) for mobile telephone handsets applications.

Seoul, Korea, June 13, 2001

hynix Semiconductor Inc. (hynix, ) announced yesterday that it will launch its Multi-Chip Package (MCP) for mobile telephone handsets applications.

hynix plans to manufacture MCP, a combination of flash memory and SRAM in a single package, from the second half of this year to capitalize on the synergies from its flash and SRAM products. Taking the best from the two chips, the MCP chip boasts fast processing speeds combined with low power consumption.

The Company is targeting both the Intel and AMD-type markets, which represent the bulk of the current MCP market. hynix will provide the AMD-type market with its existing SRAM and flash memory products, and expects to form a strategic alliance with the leading player in the Intel-type field. Only a few companies are capable of manufacturing their own SRAM and flash memory for the multi chip market.

hynix will be the first supplier of both Intel and AMD type chips. With its entry into the MCP market, hynix is now able to provide single SRAM and flash chips as well as its own branded MCP, thus satisfying customers differing requirements in handset memory solutions. To date the MCP market has been centered in the Asia region, particularly in Japan. With the development and diversification of mobile telecommunications, demand for large-capacity memory is increasing rapidly in the region and is now spreading across the world.

About hynix Semiconductor Inc.

hynix Semiconductor Inc. (HSI) of Ichon, Korea, is an industry leader in the development, sales, marketing and distribution of high-quality semiconductors, including DRAM, SRAM, Flash memory and system IC devices. hynix Semiconductor is the world’s largest DRAM supplier with eleven semiconductor-manufacturing facilities worldwide, and production capacity of over 300,000 wafer starts per month. In addition, hynix is expanding its system IC business unit with leading technology and added deep-submicron foundry services to strategically broaden its overall semiconductor presence and achieve its goal of leading the global semiconductor market. Based in Korea, hynix maintains development, manufacturing, sales and marketing facilities strategically located worldwide.