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hynix Semiconductor Receives Approval from VIA for ITS 128MB and 256MB DDR SDRAM

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Seoul, Korea, February 8, 2002

hynix Semiconductor Inc. today announced that its 128MB and 256MB DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM, JEDEC-standard PC2700 modules have received full approval from VIA Technologies, Inc., in its core logic chipset KT333.

The 128MB and 256MB unbuffered DDR DIMM SDRAM has a 333Mhz data rate with a bandwidth of up to 2.7GB/s. This approbation further strengthens hynix’s presence in the high-speed main memory market and continues to demonstrate the company’s commitment to the development and production of the latest components and modules for advanced memory product applications.

The 128MB and 256MB DDR DIMM is organized with 128Mb x 8 components and is manufactured using a 0.18-micron process technology. However, hynix is quickly transitioning from a 0.18 to a 0.15-micron geometry, utilizing hynix’s patented ‘Blue Chip’ process. This process increases the die per wafer and enables hynix to provide cutting-edge memory products at cost-competitive prices, in addition to providing the customer a better solution with faster system performance.

Farhad Tabrizi, Vice President of Worldwide Memory Marketing for hynix, reiterated his company’s commitment to satisfying customer needs with leading-edge product. ” This clearly demonstrates our leadership and commitment to the DRAM market. We anticipate that higher speed DDR products will be the differentiating point for our end customer product offerings.” The 128MB and 256MB, used primarily in desktop applications, is produced at hynix’s Ichon, Korea fabrication facility and is available now with volume production beginning in March.