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Let Your Passion and Perseverance Shine Here: Introducing our Internship Program

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The great engineers of today weren’t always in charge – they all had to start someplace.

At SK hynix, we understand that ambitious engineers need great foundations, and our internship programs are designed to educate, engage and encourage the thinkers of tomorrow to expand their horizons. The opportunity to learn first-hand from industry experts, engage with our technologies, and take on responsibility within a team is immense for those just entering the industry.

Among many other things, our programs at SK hynix focus on fueling passion, perseverance and a spirit of challenge for the world’s next generation of minds. So, we talked with two recent interns who have successfully settled as full-time employees now to discuss their experience with the program and how they embody these tenets.

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Stanislav Kohnovsky: Passion
Belarus; SK hynix Memory Solutions Eastern Europe

It’s often said that when you’re doing work you love, it isn’t work at all. This comes down to passion, and a love of the work you’re doing. For Stanislav Kohnovsky, who finished his four-week internship before officially joining in January, this is especially true.

His interest and aptitude for informatics was evident from his first lesson in school – his teacher soon took note and invited him to participate in the school’s informatics competition. Since then, his passion for the evolving challenges of systems engineering has only grown.

“I never ceased to find the pleasure of discovering new algorithms and solving more and more difficult tasks. Now I can say that it predetermined my way to SKHMS Е engineering team.”

As a Software Development Engineer, Stanislav works on the team responsible for modeling – studying certain product algorithms and implementing them in a model. Landing this position at SK hynix has been a dream come true for the young engineer, and the company culture has motivated him to cultivate his skills even further.

“Starting my career at one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, working side by side with unique experts and adopting their experience – this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and it means a lot to me. The atmosphere that prevails in our company helps me to set goals for personal and professional growth and go towards them.”

Since his first day with the company, Stanislav has already felt notable improvements in his ability to read and write code, see the algorithms behind it and understand programming language features. He’s been particularly excited by the depth of the tech stack at SK hynix, which allows him to implement high-level python scripts while handling firmware written in C++.

“It gives me a huge opportunity to improve myself and apply programming languages, system architectures, and math skills. I hope to become a specialist with a wide range of competence; the idea attracts me very much.”


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SeungJin Kim: Perseverance
California; SK hynix Memory Solutions America

Progress is made from persistence – a relentless attempt to explore the unfamiliar world and a continuous pursuit of new, better answers to solve the pending questions. Perseverance would be at the core of innovation at any company, and it is this mindset of endless challenging that we at SK hynix also look for in all of our team members. SeungJin Kim, a software engineer on the FW Val & Security FW team in California, is one of those adventurous spirits.

SeungJin decided to join the company full time in January 2021 after a five-month internship until early 2021. In this current role, he is responsible for software infrastructure and application development, working mainly on a web-based test automation framework to deliver updates and ongoing maintenance.

“I decided to join the company as a full-time employee because I really enjoyed working as a part of our team, and they really helped me to learn a lot. Also, the position aligned closely with my career goals as a full-stack engineer and there are many areas of interest I could explore.”

During this internship, SeungJin was exposed to a new industry: the world of firmware and SSD testing. Through ongoing projects with the team, he was able to discover a new area of work and extend his knowledge beyond software application development into a new realm.

“The best benefit of working for SK hynix for me is that I am encouraged by my manager and team to develop my own career interests and explore specific areas of work that I find interesting or aligns with my career goals.”

Regardless of the area of focus, SeungJin has been challenged and encouraged by team members to explore new territories that he is curious about – and he encourages other newcomers to do the same.

“For others looking to join the industry, my advice is to be open to learning new languages and frameworks and opportunities that may fall outside of one’s immediate interests.”