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Let’s Reconnect – How SK hynix Is Keeping in Touch

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As a tech company, SK hynix knows well that some of the best innovations arise from some of the most challenging situations. Over the past few months, our world – and the lifestyles that went with it – have rapidly turned “remote.” To keep up, our teams needed to adapt to new ways of working, and quickly. And while they encountered new obstacles, they discovered new opportunities too.

New Challenges, New Solutions

For SK hynix, the strong culture at each one of our sites and subsidiaries is a point of pride. From San Jose to Minsk, our teams have built bonds and formed connections with their colleagues that extend beyond the confines of work. We’ve worked hard to foster an atmosphere that is inclusive, caring and friendly. In fact, this environment is the reason that SK hynix maintains many employees for over 20 years.

Strengthened by daily encounters at the office, these strong professional relationships are a core function of our business – and a key to our success. But as increasing safety concerns pushed the company to close physical office buildings, these important relationships were pushed online.

Interactions once informal and daily – like lunch breaks with teammates, or casual conversations between desks – were no longer a part of the workday. Many employees missed the daily connections that once brightened their days.

To address this, SK hynix came up with an idea to bring people together – online.

Let’s Reconnect

Figure 1. Employees sharing their favorite quarantine food and snack

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Starting in April, SK hynix America (SKHY A, located in San Jose) introduced “Let’s Reconnect,” a series of challenges to keep employees connected and engaged beyond their work. Office by office, teams are invited to gather virtually through video chat to tackle these challenges.

The organizers at SKHY A said, “Let’s Reconnect events were created thanks to the members of the event planning committee at SK hynix America called VOICE. We, VOICE members, knew many employees were missing human interactions with other coworkers during the shelter-in-place. To address this need, VOICE members came up with this idea of asking employees to share a glimpse of their lives during lockdown. We thought that feeling connected to a broader community could help them to get through the new normal.”

Figure 2. Employees sharing their workstation during shelter-in-place


In May, members at SKHY A came together to share their “at-home workstations,” asked to bring along their favorite quarantine snack as well. Employees showed how they’ve gotten creative with their home workspaces, some introducing children or pets as new coworkers, and some even set up outside. Teams also brought every treat imaginable – from extra-large Nutella packs, to McDonald’s French fries, to fresh-baked cookies, cakes and fruit.

SK hynix memory solutions America (SKHMS A, also located in San Jose), SK hynix’s R&D subsidiary in the US also organized a similar activity sharing their “at-home workstations.” “My working from home experience at SKHMS A is almost quite the same as being in the office,” said Sonny DeLara, Sr. Staff Engineer at SKHMS A. “We conduct our meetings thru internal conference call system, and I go on-site whenever there’s a need to perform any lab-related procedures.”

In Belarus, SK hynix memory solutions Eastern Europe (SKHMS E, located in Minsk) created a virtual board game, complete with a binary code to solve and clues hidden within Google Maps. The team got together to compete against one another in some friendly competition – with dogs and cats joining in the fun too. The winning team named “Hard Memory” consisted of Henadzi Matuts, Marina Kondrashonok, Eugene Eryomenko, and Alexander Klimov.

Figure 3. Members at SKHMS E participating in the virtual board game

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“The game was full of bright emotions! It involved a lot of teamwork and communication between team members,” said Henadzi Matuts, FW Development / FW Security Engineer at SKHMS E. “There were some tricky tasks, but harder the task, the more pleasure you gain solving it. Having participated with colleagues in the first online quest, and we were glad to see each other and just have fun.”

Figure 4. Birthday Home Party 2020 to celebrate the 6th anniversary of SKHMS E


The office also celebrated its 6th birthday online. SK hynix took care of contactless gift delivery to every employee at home. During the evening, SKHMS E team members took part in virtual workshops on painting and planting, participated in a music quiz and a dance flash mob, and went head-to-head in the game Alias. All our colleagues had fabulous emotions and enjoyed a holiday program in a new online format on TVs, computer monitors and smartphone screens.

Employee Care Initiative

Beyond the need to connect with others, we know our employees have other needs as well – many of which have been complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Grocery shopping in particular has been difficult for many people who are immunocompromised or living with a family member or friend who is.

Figure 5-1. SKHMS A partnered with GrubMarket Inc. to bring fresh produce
directly from farmers to its employees


As part of our COVID Employee Care Initiative, SK hynix has partnered with GrubMarket Inc. to bring fresh produce directly from farmers to our employees. It also allows us to support the local farmers with their unsold produce.

All-Hands Meeting

Figure 6. The very first virtual all-hands meeting of SKHY A


Transparency is key to our business and something that our employees look for from our leadership team. That is why SKHY A held its quarterly all-hands meeting virtually where CEO Sam Lee talked about the company’s results, outlook, and direction for the future. Regional leaders answered business-related questions, and we welcomed new employees who have started while in shelter-in-place. We also celebrated employees marking their 10th and 20th anniversary at SK hynix through a peer-to-peer recognition program.

Keeping the Connection

At SK hynix, we believe that our people are the core of our business. And even when our offices are closed, it’s our responsibility to help take care of their fundamental needs and equip them with the tools they need to be successful.

As we continue to adapt to this new normal, SK hynix will continue its commitment to its people – wherever they are and however we can. It is our hope that these active efforts towards connection will deepen relationships across our network and create an even more cohesive workforce.