Memory Centric World, SK hynix

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At the upcoming SEDEX (Semiconductor Exhibition) on October 8th to 11th at COEX, Seoul (Closed for October 9th public holiday), You can take a close look at the core technology that lead the 4th industrial revolution, the semiconductorand our future with it.

SK hynix will showcase its advanced technology and solutions including 1Tb 128-layers 4D NAND and DDR5, which SK hynix developed last year.

Demonstration of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) will also be available at SK hynix’s booth. SK hynix developed HBM2E last August, the latest premium memory, and you will be able to compare the graphics quality of gamespowered by a graphics card with HBM2 and by a regular graphics card.

Come and meet smaller better faster stronger semiconductors at SK hynix’s booth at SEDEX!