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Mother’s Day 2021: Celebrating our mothers at SK hynix

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At SK hynix, when our people thrive, so does our business. It is the reason why we focus on creating a positive workplace environment and emphasizing employee wellbeing, in a year where it was more important than ever.

This year, to celebrate Mother’s Day and all of the hard-working mothers at SK hynix, we spoke to women across our global network to discuss motherhood, their work-life balance, and what advice they have for mothers returning to the workforce.

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Polly Wang (SK hynix America)
San Jose, California
Joined SK hynix in March 2014
One daughter: 8-year-old

• What she does?

I am a Sr. Account Manager and started by managing Apple NAND business, contract and pricing negotiation before switching to Apple DRAM business in early 2020. I work with Korea and local teams to define business opportunities and risks through day-to-day activities in commercial, operational and enabling arenas.

• How she does it?

Through years in high-tech industry and living in the fast-pace Silicon Valley, I learned to manage work and family with extra planning and preparation. I usually start my day with quick glance on work emails, set priority and plan on tackling the pending issues and tasks. I use my morning exercise to review my tasks again, while also planning family meals. Knowing what to do next with a clear mind makes my day go smoother and more efficient.

• How do you separate work and home?

Like every family, the most challenging part is always about balancing work and family. Instead of separating work and home, I manage to mix these two very well throughout the workday. I take breaks to prepare meals and do housework while still planning my work ahead in order to minimize interruption during our family time.

SK hynix also has a clear work-from-home policy and safety procedure that addressed our concern during this pandemic time.

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Sunmin Yun (SK hynix Memory Solutions America)
San Jose, California
Joined SK hynix in 2019
One daughter: 1-year-old

• Her day-to-day?

I have been working as a Senior Staff Engineer of NAND/SSD Characterization in SKHMS America as a member of Media algorithm team. My primary job is to develop and implement EOL(End-of-Life) reliability tests with the eRDT system and give customers and internal teams feedback. I am also participating in the development of new algorithms to improve performance and reliability.

• Her work/life balance?

During the COVID pandemic, my husband and I have shared a daily schedule and it has helped each other. For example, if I have a meeting at 1 pm, my husband plays with our daughter and returns to work after my meeting. Luckily, our meeting schedules were not often overlapped. The flexible working environment help mothers balance work and parenting better.

• Why SK hynix?

SK hynix has a very mother-friendly culture and resources. When I joined SKHMS America, I found a cozy mother’s room in the building and was impressed. I was able to pump breastmilk and take a rest in the room. A mother-supportive team leader and co-workers have always helped me to have a flexible work schedule and be confident as a working mom.

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He Qian (SK hynix Semiconductor (Chongqing) Ltd.)
Chongqing, China
Joined SK hynix in February 2014
1 son: 4-year-old

• What she does?

I served as the head of the production management shift team for 3 years and in May 2017, I was promoted to mother and transferred to the ordinary work after working in three shifts to take up the role of education and expenses in the department.

• How she does it?

As a working mother in the manufacturing industry, there is no fixed life, only sudden changes, and at the same time children can’t stay still as they are overflowing with energy. Therefore, I try my best to maintain a harmonious family relationship, mobilize the members of the family to share daily chores and drive my husband to play and study with the children.

At the same time, I also try to be rational and patient to distinguish between work and daily life. I am conscientious and responsible at work, and accompany children attentively, so that the pressure and emotions at work will not affect the harmonious atmosphere of the family, and of course, the attitude at work must not be affected by home life as well.

• What she’s proudest of?

When I returned to my job after taking maternity leave, I was catching up with the company organizing a band competition. As a musician, I needed to prepare for the band competition while completing normal business, but the child had a sudden illness before the competition.

I was really exhausted physically and mentally, but I did not fall down because of the understanding and help from my family and my dear colleagues in the department who worked together to successfully complete the band competition. Although I didn’t win the prize in the end, I was very proud of having such a great colleague and partner, loving and understanding family, and proud of being such a superhuman mother.

Hongxia Zhao (SK hynix Semiconductor (China) Ltd.)
Wuxi, China
Joined SK hynix in 2008

• Her day-to-day?

I am a manager of SK hynix’s technical improvement department. Our team name: RD Beauty Group, my team is all Women.

• Why SK hynix?

My career growth is inseparable from SK hynix. After graduating from university, I changed jobs a lot including personnel, R&D, administration, etc. I always felt that it was not my ideal job. Until the moment I joined SK hynix in 2008, I felt right, and then in the blink of an eye I have been working in this place for 14 years, and I feel I will continue to do it.

• What she’s learned from motherhood?

After I became a mother, I discovered that the identity of a mother is added to my work. First of all: I am more responsible. The so-called mother is strong. After having a child, I became more mature, more responsible and consistent. Second: I treat work and subordinate employees with patience for children, and the work environment for employee relations is more harmonious and caring.

• What she wants to change?

Many people stubbornly think that women can’t care about work when they have children and the unfounded notions caused current working mothers to be restricted by their positions and ceilings in the workplace. Even many women in the workplace are afraid to have children, but I hope everyone can change their views and provide a good working environment for women in the workplace.

Elena Korunnaya (SK hynix Memory Solutions Eastern Europe)
Belarus, Minsk
Joined SK hynix in 2014
Three children: 19-year-old, 15-year-old, 3-year-old

• What she does?

I am a part of an Administration team as a Chief accountant, and I am working in the company from its foundation. It is going to be seven years since my working here. I remember how everything started: how we built our team, changed two offices and dealt with every situation. I like my job because it makes me learn every day.

• Her work/life balance?

It is very important for me to become a great accountant because I am very inspired by my work. At the same time, spending time with my family is just as valuable to me as my career. It is not so easy to keep up to do many things at work and home, but without the support of family members, it would be impossible.

SKHMS E is a “family-friendly” company. The management is sympathetic to the fact that I am a mother of many children. This attitude helps me to find a balance between work and family. In addition, I have an excellent team that always supports me and helps solve any problem.

• What’s special about SK hynix?

Our company also has a wonderful tradition – to celebrate Family Day every year. Before we started work remotely, we came to the office with the children and they could see where their mother works, what important and responsible position she occupies. It helps them understand that a mother is not just a mother but also a professional.

I am happy to work at a company where a person’s love for their family is understood, respected and supported with additional family days off throughout the year and different family corporate events.

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