SK hynix Presents Its Green Digital Solution at CES 2023

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CES has returned to the U.S. desert this year as the world’s biggest tech event kicked off at the Las Vegas Convention Center on January 5th. Featuring over 3,000 exhibitors from more than 170 countries, CES 2023 is set to attract thousands of attendees from around the world through January 8th. SK hynix along with seven other SK affiliates are showcasing their latest innovations in 1,223 square meters of exhibition space. As the past two events in 2021 and 2022 took place online and partially online, respectively, this is the first time in three years for some tech giants to attend in-person and discuss key issues including how innovation is addressing global challenges.

SK Group’s Vision of a Carbon-Free Future

Figure 1. SK hynix and seven other affiliates of SK group presented their ‘Net Zero’ aspiration under the slogan “Together in Action”.


SK companies have teamed up with 10 US-based partners to present their booth under the slogan “Together in Action,” the group’s message to turn their Net Zero aspiration into action. At CES 2022, the group committed to reduce carbon emissions by 200 million tons by 2030, or 1% of the global carbon reduction targets while maintaining its goal of achieving Net Zero by 2050.

This year, eight of SK’s affiliate companies are showcasing a total of 40 carbon reducing technologies as part of the group’s vision of a carbon-free future. SK hynix is expected to attract major tech customers and experts to its booth with its “Green Digital Solution,” the theme of its product lineup at this year’s event.

A Green Digital Solution

Figure 2. SK hynix is exhibiting a range of new and core products which offer significant performance improvements while lessening their environmental impact.


SK hynix is exhibiting a range of new and core products at this year’s CES which will offer significant improvements in performance and energy efficiency while lessening the impact on the environment. These products meet the growing needs of global tech companies which are requiring more powerful memory solutions for evolving advanced technologies such as AI, Big Data, autonomous driving, and the Metaverse.

The focal point of SK hynix’s exhibition is the PS1010 E3.S, the company’s latest enterprise solid-state drive (eSSD) which is being launched at CES 2023. The product features multiple 176-layer 4D NAND flash technology that supports PCIe 5.0 (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) interface. The PS1010 E3.S, which includes a self-developed controller and firmware, offers increased reading and writing speed of 130% and 49%, respectively, compared to the previous generation of products. Moreover, as its performance per watt is 75% more efficient than its predecessors, it will help to reduce server operating costs and cut carbon emissions. The product is set to strengthen SK hynix’s competitiveness in the NAND sector.

Visitors to SK hynix’s booth can also see its HBM3, the world’s best-performing DRAM developed and mass produced by the company in an industry-first. As a Gen 4 HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) product, it offers increased data processing speeds compared to existing DRAMs, while also improving power efficiency by 23% compared to HBM2. Displayed alongside the HBM3 is another leading innovation, the GDDR6-AiM. This AI accelerator offers its own computational capabilities that significantly increase certain computation speeds and reduces energy consumption by 80% compared to existing products.

Last summer, SK hynix reinforced its superiority in Compute Express Link (CXL) solutions by developing its first DDR5 DRAM-based CXL memory samples which have flexible expansions of memory capacity and performance. The company also collaborated with SK Telecom to produce its Computational Memory Solution (CMS), the industry’s first CXL memory that’s integrated with computational functions. SK hynix’s CXL portfolio, which is planned to be mass-produced later this year, can also be seen at CES.


Sustainability Initiatives

Figure 3. Visitors experienced SK hynix’s innovative technology presented under the theme of a “Green Digital Solution”.


It is clear from the SK hynix product lineup at CES 2023 that the company is focused on simultaneously pushing the limits of technology while promoting sustainability in order to solve market and environmental challenges. These products align with SK hynix’s overall ESG strategy which drive the company’s future plans.

One of the key aspects of SK hynix’s ESG initiatives is undoubtedly the PRISM framework which was unveiled last year to enhance its ESG management. Detailing SK hynix’s ESG goals, PRISM relays the message that the company will transparently communicate with stakeholders while also reflecting its goal of spreading a positive influence around the world.

As a leader in the semiconductor industry’s fight against climate change, SK hynix joined the Semiconductor Climate Consortium (SCC) as a founding member last October. The SCC is the first global consultative body formed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the semiconductor value chain. SK hynix’s efforts to tackle greenhouse gases are further exemplified by its carbon footprint certification for its eSSD and cSSD products. Issued by the U.K. climate change organization Carbon Trust last summer, the certification assesses the impact of carbon emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of a product.

Building a Greener Tomorrow

Figure 4. SK hynix is working with other SK affiliates to build a greener tomorrow.


At a time when people are concerned about the environmental impact of their products, SK hynix is responding to their needs with its range of energy-efficient, high-performance products displayed at CES 2023. SK hynix is using this opportunity to discuss with fellow industry insiders and tech consumers about key industry and environmental issues to build a greener tomorrow.