SK hynix Flaunts Its Latest Solutions for Server Applications at Intel Vision

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Global DRAM leader SK hynix exhibited at the Intel Vision conference from May 10-11, introducing the latest memory solutions for server applications, including DDR5 DIMM alongside its next-generation solutions such as Processing in Memory (PiM) and Compute Express Link (CXL). 

As part of the Intel® ON Series, Intel Vision is a newly envisioned ICT conference and exhibition being held this year for the first time. Decision makers from major players in the technology field, as well as renowned industry opinion leaders, were invited to the event featuring the latest innovations and technologies from Intel and its partners. 


Image 1. View of SK hynix’s booth at Intel Vision


SK hynix is a key player in the memory field and has a long-standing partnership with Intel. The solid relationship was on full display at the hybrid online and offline event where SK hynix was an invited guest. 

At its booth, SK hynix presented its DDR51)DRAM, developed in October 2020 as the first of its kind in the world.
The company continued its dominance as a leader in DRAM technology by releasing the industry’s largest density 24 Gb (gigabit) DDR5 product sample in December 2021. 

DDR5 allows for high-speed processes with bandwidth speeds at least 50% faster than DDR4 and can support 256 GB of high density using TSV technology. It also proves more trustworthy by self-correcting errors in units of 1 bit with a built-in Error Correcting Code (ECC). Systems using SK hynix’s DDR5 are expected to see reliability improve by roughly 20 times. 

Image 2. SK hynix’s latest memory solutions facing server applications presented at Intel Vision


These features allow for more stable and seamless usage in big data processes like cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), as well as the metaverse. 

It’s also the most environmentally beneficial DDR product to date with a low operating voltage of 1.1 V, reducing electricity consumption by 20%. Along with the premium memory HBM32), these products will continue to carry the load from a total cost of ownership (TCO) standpoint. 

SK hynix also introduced its GDDR6-AiM, the latest PiM3) solution at SK hynix, and Compute Express Link (CXL) capabilities. 

GDDR6-AiM was first unveiled at 2022 ISSCC4) in San Francisco in early 2022. It allows for computational functions to be added to memory chips. When combined with CPU/GPU, GDDR6-AiM can improve the overall processing speeds by up to 16 times. The nextgeneration intelligent memory chip can be used where fast computations are needed, like machine learning and highperformance computing (HPC). It reduces power consumption in the CPU/GPU by reducing data transfer, thereby lowering energy usage by approximately 80% compared to previous products. That in turn is expected to make it more effective in lowering carbon emissions. 

CXL5) is a new, up-and-coming interface solution that is expected to contribute to expanded memory performance and enhanced speeds. 

“Participating at Intel Vision further solidified our partnership with Intel,” said Sungsoo Ryu, Head of DRAM Product Planning & Enabling at SK hynix. “SK hynix plans to continue to strengthen its competitiveness in providing total memory solutions from datacenter memory, like DDR5 and CXL memory, to memory solutions facing client devices. 

Image 3. Miniature of M16 Fab at SK hynix Icheon Campus


By participating in the Intel Vision event, SK hynix raised expectations for future endeavors by further committing to R&D in the memory industry and solidifying its cooperation and partnership with Intel. 


1DDR (Double Data Rate): DRAM standard specification defined by the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC). DDR5 is the next-generation DRAM standard set to replace the current DDR4.
2HBM (High Bandwidth Memory): Following previous generations of HBM, HBM2, and HBM2E, HBM3 is an upgrade to HBM2 specifications with increased bandwidth and capacities.
3PiM (Processing in Memory): Next-generation technology that provides a solution for data congestion issues for AI and big data by adding computational functions to semiconductor memory.
4ISSCC: The International Solid-State Circuits Conference was held virtually from February 20-24, 2022, under the theme, “Intelligent Silicon for a Sustainable World.”
5CXL (Compute Express Link) Memory: Heterogeneous computing memory interface that is different from existing DDRx interface. CXL interface can realize memories such as bandwidth & capacity expansion memory, persistent memory, and pooled memory. Major players in datacenter industry ecosystem are currently participating in the CXL consortium.