SK hynix publishes technical book, “Understanding Semiconductor Manufacturing Technologies” to stimulate the semiconductor ecosystem

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SK hynix released a book named “Understanding Semiconductor Manufacturing Technologies” to share its long-time semiconductor expertise and experience accumulated within the company to the outside world.

The company previously issued a semiconductor-related book last year for the first time, in order to invigorate the semiconductor industry by sharing its intellectual infrastructure, which received positive responses from partners and industry stakeholders alike.

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Following the previous book dealing with backend processes such as Packaging and Testing, the book addresses the front-end manufacturing process of semiconductors, including wafer deposition, diffusion, photolithography, etching, ionic implantation, polishing or cleaning, etc. It also introduces basic concepts of semiconductors and fundamentals of how DRAM and NAND memory work, as well as Measurement and Inspection (MI) procedures to sort out defective products by inspecting wafers and dies, summarizing the important information into illustrations at the end of each chapter to provide expert knowledge in an easily understandable format.
This book, containing key information on semiconductor technology, is expected to help not only chip-related industry stakeholders—materials, components, and equipment—but also college students majoring in semiconductor engineering.

SK hynix held a book donation event on April 9th with the Department of Semiconductor System Engineering at Korea University to encourage use of the book. The department, which SK hynix established in cooperation with Korea University, accepted their first batch of undergraduate students this year. The “contactless” event was officiated by Noh Jung Kwak, Head of Manufacturing Technology, Yoon-Wook Kim, Head of Sustainability Management, and Jongsun Park, the Dean of the Department of Semiconductor System Engineering at Korea University.

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SK hynix also plans to launch both online and offline educational programs to enable employees from partners to further develop their skills.

Meanwhile, profits from sales of the book will be used as fund scholarships for employees from partners to help foster the semiconductor ecosystem.

Authors and planners of “Understanding Semiconductor Manufacturing Technologies.” From left, KyungTaek Oh, Sang-ick Lee, Subong Jin, Kihwan Hong, Junghoon Lim, Nohyeal Kawk, Sung Hee Lee, Kyounghee Kim, Byung Wook Bae, Tae Gyoon Yoon, Yong Woo Jung, Ho Seung Choi Technical Leaders

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Ten Technical Leaders from SK hynix co-authored the book—KyungTaek Oh, Ho Seung Choi, Byung Wook Bae, Subong Jin, Nohyeal Kwak, Kihwan Hong, Tae Gyoon Yoon, Junghoon Lim, Sung Hee Lee, Yong Woo Jung. Industry leaders and experts were also consulted to review and enhance its content. The content was additionally assessed by the industrial security department due to sensitive nature of the industry.

SK hynix said “We plan to publish more books on technical content such as semiconductor design,” adding that the company “will continue to develop high-quality educational materials to support and nurture talents and encourage healthy competition between its partners.”