SK hynix Showcases Data Center Memory Solutions at HPE Discover 2023

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SK hynix presented its next-generation memory technologies and products at HPE Discover 2023, an IT conference held this year in Las Vegas between June 20-22.

Figure 1. SK hynix’s exhibition booth at HPE Discover 2023


Held annually by the American ICT company Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), HPE Discover brings together the company’s customers and partners along with industry experts to explore data center trends and the latest technologies such as memory solutions. SK hynix was among the exhibitors at the show as the company further strengthened its partnership with HPE.

Under the slogan “Elevate Your Edge With Memory Performance,” SK hynix showcased its industry-leading memory solutions for data centers. These included its PS1010 E3.S, a high-performance PCIe1 Gen5-based eSSD, and DDR5 RDIMM, a DRAM module for servers applied with a 1bnm process. The capabilities of both products were highlighted during a joint promotion with HPE in which they were applied to Gen11, the host company’s latest server range.

1Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCle): A serial-structured, high-speed I/O interface used on the motherboard of digital devices.


Figure 2. SK hynix and Solidigm display their advanced storage and memory solutions at HPE Discover 2023


Visitors could also see SK hynix’s lineup of advanced memory solutions including: HBM32 , a memory product that has been highlighted recently due to the rise of generative AI; CXL3 memory, an interconnect technology that enables efficient scaling of memory bandwidth and capacity; and PIM4 , a next-generation memory chip with computing capabilities. SK hynix’s subsidiary company, Solidigm, also showcased its portfolio of products including its PCIe Gen4 NVMe5 -based SSD.

2High Bandwidth Memory (HBM): A high-value, high-performance product that possesses much higher data processing speeds compared to existing DRAMs by vertically connecting multiple DRAMs with through-silicon via (TSV).
3Compute Express Link (CXL): A next-generation interconnect protocol based on PCIe that efficiently bolsters high-performance computing systems.
4Processing-In-Memory (PIM): A next-generation technology that adds computational capabilities to semiconductor memories to solve congestions in data movement found in AI and big data processing.
5Non-Volatile Memory express (NVMe): A communication protocol for storage devices based on PCIe interface. It can achieve speeds of up to six times greater than traditional SATA interfaces, making it suitable for ultra-fast, large data processing.


Figure 3. Vice President Eui-cheol Lim of SK hynix’s Solution Development division explains how PIM semiconductors will increase the efficiency of GPTs in the future


SK hynix also held a session where its members spoke about the role and vision of memory solutions in the future. For his part of the presentation, Vice President Eui-cheol Lim of the Solution Development division gave a talk on how PIM semiconductors can increase the efficiency of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs). Technical Leaders Tai-jin Choi and Santosh Kumar of SK hynix America presented about trends in SSD storage technology for next-generation servers, and their colleague Technical Leader Yoosung Lee presented on how DDR5 is set to be the standard for next-generation DRAMs in the era of big data. All three presentations emphasized how memory solutions are essential in responding to the rapidly changing IT environment.

“Going forward, we plan to not only strengthen our partnerships with key customers but also showcase our unprecedented, next-generation memory solutions,” said Seok Kim, the head of GSM Strategy at SK hynix.