SK hynix Signs MOU with Microsoft for Study on Biodiversity of Anseongcheon and Training of Digital Green Talent

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SK hynix announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Microsoft for a project to study biodiversity of the Anseongcheon Stream and train digital green talent. Anseongcheon is a stream that runs near the semiconductor cluster that SK hynix plans to build in Yongin.

The signing event, which was held virtually a day earlier, was attended by Dong-sub Kim, President of SK hynix’s Communication & External Affairs and Youn-wook Kim, Vice President of SK hynix’s Corporate Sustainability Management. From Microsoft, Andrea Della Matea, president of the Asia Pacific region and Ji-eun Lee, CEO of Microsoft Korea, attended.

According to the MOU, SK hynix and Microsoft will cooperate in observing changes in biodiversity of the Anseongcheon with the help of the technology and providing an opportunity to local young talent to grow into experts in environment and data.

Yongin semiconductor cluster project, which SK hynix has been pursuing with an aim of enhancing the competitiveness of the domestic industry by having around 50 local and foreign partner companies in the same space, is currently under reviews for government approvals and expected to start operation in 2025. Once started, the cluster is likely to discharge a lot of purified water to the Anseongcheon, leading to an increase in the volume of the stream and thus positive results such as a more active ecosystem as a result of a rise in the quantity of prey.

The two companies will observe and record changes in the aquatic ecosystem using Microsoft’s Azure AI to help scientifically prove that the changes are taking place in a healthy environment where various stakeholders also participate.

Collecting raw data needed for the AI analysis will be done by residents of the local community and SK hynix employees. When these participants save the ecosystem data they collected using IT devices such as smartphones on Microsoft’s cloud system Azure, AI will identify and classify them. The collection of data accumulated through repeat of this process will be provided to experts who will lead the study on biodiversity and the outcome will be made public.

The collaboration between the two companies will also provide the young generation of the local community an opportunity to grow into experts in data analysis and environment through a training program by Microsoft and a cooperation with environment experts. The program will also help the young talent to find jobs in the relevant field.

Dong-sub Kim, President of SK hynix’s Communication & External Affairs, said, “We share a common goal of addressing social issues and enhancing ESG management by taking advantage of the IT capabilities for this collaboration with Microsoft. We will continue our efforts to cooperate and communicate with various stakeholders in a parent way to make the Yongin semiconductor cluster a healthier place for coexistence.”

Andrea Della Matea, President of Microsoft Asia Pacific, said, “I am proud to see this collaboration between Microsoft and SK hynix as we share a common goal of saving the Earth, the most finite resources we have. Korea has been at the forefront of the green growth initiatives powered by technology and data that have resulted in tangible outcome such as job creation, energy security as well as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It is our role, as an industry leader, to support with technology, competitiveness and resources to help build a better regional foundation. This is the purpose-driven technology based on our mission of cooperating for public interest and making the world fairer, more environment-friendly and sustainable.”

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