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SK hynix Spreads the Holiday Cheer

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Every December, our colleagues at SK hynix gather together in offices around the world for a moment of reflection, appreciation and celebration. We reflect on the achievements of the year, take time to appreciate the efforts of our teams, and celebrate the start of a new one. It’s a simple tradition that holds great significance for us as co-workers and as a community.

This year, of course, the tradition needed to evolve. With remote work keeping us physically apart for as many as nine months, our employees have learned to create, collaborate, innovate, troubleshoot, and ultimately, deliver from a distance. We’ve had remote happy hours, Halloween parties and talent shows, learning to connect with each other in all new ways.

This holiday season, our offices around the world – from Belarus to San Jose – each held their own virtual celebrations.

SK hynix memory solutions Eastern Europe

In Belarus, our holiday celebrations – from December 22 to December 31 were
festively titled, “SK hynix Memory Solutions Eastern Europe New Year Advent Week.” The team organized a series of virtual get-togethers, challenges and activities that lasted nearly 10 days.

Together with their families, employees were invited to spend time together during masterclasses, home decoration challenges, cooking sessions, or gingerbread painting and more. They were also asked to make New Year resolutions and open their hearts to others by saying “Thank you” to their colleagues. Each member of the SK hynix Memory Solutions Eastern Europe team also received a gourmet box of treats, as well as holiday gifts for themselves and their children.

Denis Panov
Engineer / SQE / SSD FW Verification

You know, when you grow up Christmas can become a headache. You are trying to plan what to cook for Christmas to eat. You are buying gifts to your parents, wife, friends etc. With all of these things, Christmas magic disappears and leaves you waiting for December 31 with a small New Year tree on the shelf.

This year something has changed and I want to say “Thank you” for these changes to SK hynix. When I got a New Year`s red bag, I was unbelievably surprised. All of these boxes with pleasant things were mine! I felt like a child found a treasure.

I unpacked first box and after 5 minutes started to create it with my cats. It was a handmade New Year tree with all the stuff. It was an amazing experience because I love designing and did not expect that I will get the cool thing like this.

The next day my wife and I decorated our windows. We`ve done this for the first time in four years due to Christmas. After that we made some small postcards with electric scheme (it has some glowing component) and I plan to give it to my parents when I will congratulate them on January 1.

Christmas magic is back. Like a kid, during all Advent-week, I was looking at this red bag and waiting for the next day predicting what I will find there. Like when I was young and tried to guess what I will found under the New Year tree.

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Eugene Makeev
Engineer / FW Development

It has been an exciting week of adventure. Together with children, we did many interesting tasks, decorated a Christmas tree and windows, created glowing postcards, made a bird feeder, watched a Christmas movie and even took part in the filming of a New Year’s video. There were many delicious treats, gingerbreads, cocoa, chocolate. My children were very happy and every morning they opened new boxes with interest. I would like to thank the company for such an exciting adventure. We had a great time with my family!

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Alexander Klimov
Engineer / SQE / FA tools

Happy holidays from the Klimov family! First, we want to thank SK hynix memory solutions Eastern Europe for all happiness, joy and all beautiful Advent week surprises.

Our daughter Kira was amazed with huge red velvet bag under the Christmas tree. She was interested in every new advent task. Especially she liked to make glowing postcards and cacao Christmas morning.
From all our family we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and many great surprises during the new 2021 year.

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SK hynix memory solutions America

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In the Americas, our teams hosted a holiday party via WebEx on December 10, inviting employees and their families to attend for an evening of conversation, music and prizes.

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The virtual even began with an “Opening Chorus” made up of the many voices of SK hynix –including many family members and children. After this touching intro, CEO Tony Yoon addressed the group with several words about the year it’s been and the strength of the SK hynix Memory Solutions America community. He was joined by group leaders Jay Land, Tim Schafer and Chee Hoe Chu who also made remarks to the group about the successful work of their teams.

Then, the talent show began. The team was treated to four standout performances from our very own SK hynix talent and their families, who demonstrated an array of skills from guitar to piano to comedy:

• Bin Li sang Fairy Tale, accompanied by guitar
• Megan Hoang (employee Tom Hoang’s daughter) played Sonatina in C Major Op.36 No. 1 on piano
• Charu Wadhawan told jokes
• Dora Kong played River Flows in You on piano

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We concluded the evening with 2 rounds of a giveaway raffle, offering a great variety of prizes including a 70-inch TV, iPad, Nintendo Switch and air purifier. Sree Vavitikalva, Senior Engineer, in the FW Val & Security FW team in the Firmware Group walked away as the big winner of the night with the impressive 70-inch TV.

Stacy Xu
HR Generalist / HR Team

The coronavirus has changed the nature of office work. It has been months since we’ve last seen our colleagues at a physical workspace. I was happy to see that SKHMS America could host a virtual company annual party where we could see our coworkers and their families! We had lots of fun during the party! Hope we will have more fun at work when returning to the company campus in 2021!

Welcoming the New Year, Together

As we wave goodbye to 2020 and enter 2021, SK hynix is committed to further enhancing our commercial and technical collaboration with global customers to take our strategic partnership to the next level. Happy New Year from SK hynix.