SK hynix Volunteers with 2019 Partner Second Harvest

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SK hynix thinks that companies should provide more to employees than just career aspirations. In fact, SK hynix believes that the development of the local community leads to the continuous development of the company.

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SK hynix thinks that companies should provide more to employees than just career aspirations. Social contribution is at the heart of this. In fact, SK hynix believes that the development of the local community leads to the continuous development of the company. The mission has been passed down from the SK Group, who strives to advance alongside society by contributing to economic development and creating social values at the same time.

In the past, SK hynix’s volunteering activities were done as sporadic, one-off events in which only interested employees participated. However, for the first time this year, SK hynix decided to choose one service program to volunteer at multiple times throughout the year, building on the value of social contribution, one of the company’s top goals. This new initiative allows the majority of members to participate in the program, by providing regular volunteering opportunities throughout the year with the partner institution.

SK hynix selected the Second Harvest of Silicon Valley. The non-profit organization is recognized as one of the largest food banks in the nation with its mission to lead the community to ensure that anyone who needs a healthy meal can get one.

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“It was a great opportunity to think about PEOPLE,” said Taekyung Hwang of the Sales Operations & Planning Team. “Making differences starts from small steps and I am grateful to be part of bringing such changes with SK hynix team members. SK hynix has set a good example and I am proud to be a member of the company that carries out its social responsibilities.”

With our partner Second Harvest, SK hynix employees spent their days sorting through food such as tangerines, pears, cabbages, tomatoes and packaged up ones with small blemishes, what the non-profit calls the “Second Harvest.” After the Second Harvest, the non-profit provides neighbors in need with free meals.

“It was my first time volunteering at Second Harvest. We have to sort plums into the box and turn it in to weigh when the box reaches 25 Ibs. You approximate the weight and you get to hear the bell when you meet exactly 25 Ibs. It was such a great feeling when you hear the bell,” said Jaehoon Kim, a member of the NAND TM Team. “It was a great experience to learn that we can contribute something to our community and get to know co-workers from other departments as well.”

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The SK hynix America teams have participated in a total of nine sessions this year, with about 90% of San Jose office members contributing more than 330 hours to the community. Even the Head of SK hynix America has found time in his busy schedule to attend four of the volunteer events. He was a strong supporter of this volunteer program and the company’s social value.

“Through Second Harvest Food Bank volunteering events in 2019, all members of SK hynix America had the opportunity to carry out social values which is one of SK Group’s goals. Not only did the events give us a chance to take part in a meaningful cause but also it offered us unforgettable memories as all of us were able to share the same commitment and happiness of giving back to the community,” said Sam Lee, Head of SK hynix America. “Every time I joined the activity, I was happy to see “One Team” spirit where employees from different teams came together and united as one to help neighbors around us.”

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During 2019, SK hynix America also engaged in other social contribution activities, including gift donations for children. To close out the year, the company planned a “wrapping party” where employees wrapped a total of 200 Christmas gifts for low-income families in the Bay Area.

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Ed Parsons enjoying a wrapping party

“I wanted to thank the SK hynix team for sharing some of my work time to give back to the Silicon Valley Community,” said Ed Parsons of the Sales Lead Team. “Always in Sales, we are all working hard to ensure we deliver best results to company and shareholders. In our pursuit of sales excellence, it is easy to lose track of events happening in the world and the lose touch with basic life challenges many people face daily in our own communities. This is why this year it was so great. Each event gave me a feeling of prideful accomplishment for helping others in my community.”

While the company has not yet announced its 2020 partner, SK hynix will continue to participate in diverse volunteering activities to maintain its passion for social contribution. As part of its mission to give back, the company will champion its belief to build up the local community and benefit the continuous development of the company and its employees.