“The citizen enterprise who implements Sustainable Development Goals with its Double Bottom Line principles that simultaneously pursue economic and social values”

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SK hynix Semiconductor (China) Ltd. (or “SK hynix Wuxi”) was awarded Presidential Citation in the Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) category at the 7th “Loved Companies In Korea” Government Award ceremony, which was held at the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) building on December 11th.

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The “Loved Companies In Korea” Government Award is granted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups to leading institutions with outstanding achievements in sustainable development efforts and corporate social responsibility.

With this award, SK hynix Wuxi was acknowledged as a citizen enterprise who implemented the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with its Double Bottom Line (DBL) management principles, which pursue both economic value (EV) and social value (SV) simultaneously. Extra emphasis was put on the company’s sincere CSR efforts to solve social problems, particularly regarding the environment and poverty, in the region where its global business is located.
SK hynix Wuxi is carrying out various CSR projects, including 1) environmental consultation and environmental infrastructure sharing for small local businesses, 2) high quality jobs creation through the establishment of a social enterprise SK Cleaning, 3) a mobile clinic under the name “Happiness Bus.”

Large Corporations Help Small Businesses for Win-Win Cooperation

SK hynix Wuxi proposed a forward-thinking environmental consulting business to the local government and explained its business purpose to four leading global companies–Bosch, Siemens, Murata, Bridgestone–in Jiangsu Province, eventually drawing participation and cooperation for the project. In 2018, SK hynix Wuxi and these four global companies in the region provided one-on-one environmental consulting sessions to five environmentally vulnerable local companies respectively, sharing their knowledge and know-how about environmental technologies and related laws and regulations, etc. In 2019, SK hynix Wuxi expanded the business, and now twenty companies are providing consultations to about 80 local companies. It is now widely recognized as a model case for public-private collaboration projects.

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By sharing SK hynix’s know-how and vast experience in environmental management, SK hynix Wuxi has actively improved the environmental management technology of environmentally vulnerable companies, helping reduce sewage and wastewater to prevent economic damage and expand the culture of win-win cooperation among large, medium and small businesses. As a result, the environmental evaluation of once vulnerable companies has improved immensely.

This project was also selected as a best practice in the field of removing risk waste and risks associated with explosions, and led to SK hynix Wuxi receiving the China Ecological and Transparency International’s Environmental Contribution Award in 2019.

Establishment of Social Enterprise SK Cleaning

With regional issues regarding unemployment and social polarization emerging, SK hynix Wuxi established a social enterprise, SK Cleaning, in 2018. Creating about 130 jobs for the elderly, women, and the disabled, who struggled to find a job, this social initiative laid the foundation for self-reliance within socially disadvantaged groups.

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Serving for “public interest,” “sustainability” and “building infrastructure for re-employment,” SK Cleaning represents a major step forward as the first social enterprise in the region carrying out cleaning business related to SK hynix. By utilizing the resources of social organizations and companies, SK hynix is pushing for the expansion of the project that effectively links with government policies, and establishing itself as a virtuous circle model for social contribution.

Implementation of the Happiness Bus

SK hynix Wuxi provides regular health check-ups and medical services – 2~3 three times a week – for the medically-vulnerable class of the Wuxi region since 2016 by utilizing free-of- charge mobile clinic vehicles with ICT-based healthcare systems. Happiness Bus offers remote medical treatment with the help of partner hospitals and even supports a thorough examination if any abnormalities are found.

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Happiness Bus has already improved people’s livelihoods by expanding opportunities for medical examinations and care to the vulnerable, and has developed into a representative brand of public service in the region. Residents call the Happiness Bus a “healthcare service at the doorstep to ease medical concerns,” making it a case in point of enhancing corporate image by realizing social responsibility.

The Happy Umbrella Campaign

With the increasing need for a campaign that prevents accidents among elementary school students in Wuxi, where traffic accidents frequently occur, SK hynix Wuxi has distributed more than 41,000 transparent umbrellas to 26 elementary schools (including international schools, public schools, and private schools) within Wuxi since the donation ceremony in 2018. It plans to distribute more to 50,000 elementary students at 42 schools in the region by the end of 2019.

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Through in-depth consultations with the local government, the company was able to provide customized umbrellas that are easily visible during the night from afar to enhance the safety of school children, and is currently discussing future collaboration with Wuxi government to follow up this success story.

In addition, as part of its continuous environmental/safety-oriented activities, the company is leading the promotion of enhancing traffic-safety awareness among residents by providing tours of the company’s SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) experience center and safety training in collaboration with the Wuxi Fire Department.

The SK Happiness Public Interest Fund

SK hynix Wuxi established the Happiness Public Interest Fund in 2016 to take the lead in social responsibility by providing substantial support to special vulnerable groups. What’s more, together with local governments, the company continues to provide financial support and educational programs, including its SK Flash of Hope (cataract surgery support project), insurance support for people’s livelihoods, and after-school education for underprivileged youths.

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SK hynix Wuxi was awarded the Best Charity Award by the Chinese government in 2018, and the company continues to conduct various public service activities.