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Using Technology to Create a Safer Workplace

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Sit. Stay. Speak. Basic commands when training a pet. But this four-legged creature can do much more.

As part of April’s Special Safety Week, SK hynix held an online social media event featuring Gaon, the quadruped safety robots. Renamed as Gaon by SK hynix after being adopted, the robot is equipped with the latest AI software, it is an expert safety inspector which can maneuver freely and “see” without direct human supervision.

Photo 1. Winners of the online social media event at SK hynix


To take part in the event, participants were encouraged to upload a picture with Gaon to their social media channels with the hashtags #SKhynix and #Safety. Winners were randomly selected and received a prize.


Safety First

Accidents can happen in an instant anytime, anywhere. Safety is a core value at any industrial worksite. The same is true at SK hynix, where building a safe working environment is a top priority. It requires all members to voluntarily play an active role. And when people understand the organization cares for their safety and well-being, this typically leads to better overall performance. The best way to prevent accidents from occurring in the workplace is identifying potential hazards in advance.

Photo 2. Members playing active roles to build a safe working environment at SK hynix


One example at SK hynix is the use of Safety Compliance Cards, or SCCs, whereby workers take part in isolating potentially dangerous and high-risk situations. Monthly inspections occur based on the SCC and feedback is given to improve safety management. In addition, safety teams conduct weekly and monthly inspections. Ultimately, accident prevention begins on-site by building a culture conducive to identifying and handling possible risk factors.


When Safety and Technology Converge

As a high-tech company, it’s only natural that SK hynix is applying cutting-edge technology to safety management. In particular, the company has established a new task force, known as the Smart Safety IoT TF, dedicated to using Internet of Things (IoT) technology in developing on-site safety protocols. The company has also laid out a Smart Safety Roadmap that uses artificial intelligence, Digital Twin, and robot technology to identify and prevent accidents.

The Smart Safety IoT TF demonstrated its latest technological advances as part of the S.DRAM, or Safety, Digital Twin, Robot, AI, and Metaverse, project earlier in February. The task force introduced seven new concepts at the event aimed at improving safety: four-legged robots, AR equipment inspections, VR workplace training, intelligent CCTVs, fall-protection airbags, leak detection sensors, and smart Safety Ball which monitors enclosed space.

Figure 1. Concepts of how SK hynix converges safety and technologies


An example of this played out is how augmented reality (AR) solutions ensure equipment’s safe and stable status. By storing safety features of different equipment models in a connected database, the system supports our members establish safe production environment and provides precise feedbacks per each malfunction, and as a result prevents safety accidents.

Photo 3. Performing an AR inspection


Industrial safety management involves creating and maintaining a safe and efficient workplace. Safety measures provide the basis for a better working environment, and all members of an organization can help identify potential hazards, even if it requires the help of a four-legged companion.

Photo 4. Chang-in Kim, Technical Leader at Smart Safety IoT TF


Technical Leader Chang-in Kim of the task force says the purpose of the event was to give a glimpse into how technology is being applied to improve internal safety measures.

“We planned the February demonstration as a preview of how the workplace will change moving forward, and are currently eager to reflect various feedbacks from the event to our safety projects.” Kim said. “We will continuously work to communicate with team members to create a safe worksite.”

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