Wings of Happiness: Supporting Community and Children in Belarus

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At SK hynix, we believe that our people – and the communities they are a part of – are central to the success of our work and our business.

In Belarus, our CSR team has organized and implemented the Wings of Happiness program, which was designed to support children with special needs in the city of Vileyka.

Community Activities in Vileyka

Every year, families, friends and communities come together across Belarus and the world to celebrate the annual holiday of Orthodox Easter. It is a day of celebration, joy and hope – and to participate in this spirit of giving and community, SKHMS Е organized a special workshop for children.

As part of our Wings of Happiness program, we invited children with special needs from a boarding school in Vileyka to join us in a special Easter activity. During the session, we invited boys and girls worked together to decorate beautiful Easter cakes with icing, gingerbread and seasonal decorations.

“Children in difficult circumstances lack love and care, lack communication with others, kind attention. Therefore, organizing interesting, useful activities for children is a great idea. Such activities help children show their talents, reveal themselves, get bright emotions, and feel included in this world.”Ruslan Kozlov, Engineer, Design Verification, SK hynix Memory Solutions Eastern Europe

The specific textures and characteristics of these plants actually offer tactile and sensory meaning for children with psycho-physical special needs. So, we worked with the center to donate and plant them in a special adaptive playground at the school where the children spend a lot of time. Using the plants as visual and tactile aids, the children are able to communicate and play different games as well as strengthen their health and social skills.

“The Wings of Happiness charity project opened up additional opportunities for our children to socialize with the help of an inclusive playground. Being engaged in this playground, children form basic work skills, expand sensory, social, and communication experience, improve health and coordination of movements and, finally, play with friends and have fun in the fresh air.” – Svetlana Klemiachits, director of the Center of Correction and Development Training and Rehabilitation in Vileyka

In another exciting development, a theatre studio we opened in 2020 for children with special needs has just recently had its very first performance. The children did an incredible job, debuting their original rendition of “Rags and Clouds,” a musical written by the studio’s dedicated teacher. SK hynix worked to support the production and the realization of the musical from costumes down to scenery – and we couldn’t be prouder of the work the children and teachers have done.

“The theatrical performance, which took place on June 1, once again showed us that we are moving in the right direction. Our children are changing, they laugh, their eyes shine with happiness – and this is the most important thing!” – Olga Movchun, director of elementary school No. 6 in Vileyka

Finally, to close out the school year in May, SKHMS E also made gifts to these partnering organizations and held a festive workshop for children participating in our Wings of Happiness program.

SK hynix: Investing in Our Communities

At SK hynix, we understand that the lives of our employees extend beyond the walls of our company, and we are committed to investing in the local communities that sustain them outside of the office. We are grateful to be a part of our local community in Minsk and Vileyka and thank our employees and partners for working together with us so harmoniously.

“It is an honor for me to take part in one of the SKHMS Е charity events as a volunteer. It was a big party for several hundred children from all over Belarus, and each of them gave me a piece of their emotions, mood, and energy. We can’t imagine what children experience in difficult circumstances, but each of us can definitely make their childhood better, more interesting, and happier. SKHMS E makes such important social projects! And I’m really proud of it!”Ruslan Kozlov, Engineer, Design Verification, SK hynix