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Women of SK hynix Reveal Inspirational Beliefs on International Women’s Day 2024

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International Women's Day 2024 Interview

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” These words from media personality Oprah Winfrey are particularly poignant on International Women’s Day (IWD) as they highlight how belief helps women achieve success at work and beyond.

This mentality has undoubtedly played a part in the rise of female leaders across offices worldwide. At SK hynix, efforts to boost inclusion have seen the number of female executives and team leaders rise in 2022 from the previous year. To encourage the inclusion of more female workers and leaders, it is important to hear from women with values and traits that inspire those around them.

In a special interview to mark IWD 2024 on March 8, the SK hynix Newsroom asked six women from the company’s offices around the world to describe a belief that motivates them to improve themselves. From striving for the highest standards to spreading positive energy, discover the beliefs that have taken the interviewees to the next level.

What Belief Inspires You to Improve Yourself Both Inside and Outside of Work?

"Just go for it!" Lia Kim

“Being on a team that manages the technical and quality issues of SK hynix’s flagship products including GDDR1 and HBM2 can get a bit overwhelming at times. The fact that my decisions could impact our company’s revenues or product returns keeps me on my toes. But I view such challenges as opportunities. Since setbacks are inevitable, we must focus on the next steps instead.

“Also, I was the first female and youngest expat to assume this role, which added even more pressure. It didn’t make it any easier that I had to move to the U.S. from South Korea by myself. However, I found that you often don’t realize what you’re capable of until you’re challenged. Facing challenges is a testament to one’s capabilities and a catalyst for growth. So, I always say…Just go for it!”

1Graphics Double Data Rate (GDDR): A type of high-performance memory designed for applications with high bandwidth requirements, such as graphics processing units (GPUs).
2High Bandwidth Memory (HBM): A high-value, high-performance product that revolutionizes data processing speeds over conventional DRAMs by vertically connecting multiple DRAMs with through-silicon via (TSV) technology.


"Strive for the best standard in everything you pursue." Yu Wang

“I’m a firm believer in reaching for the highest standards of excellence in my work and beyond. To reach such levels, you need to find ways to become efficient and prevent problems from recurring. That’s why I create guidelines that track the difficulties and problems I run into when working on projects. This habit has made it easier to find solutions for issues at work.

“I also feel proud when my colleagues are able to reduce their work times and become more efficient by following my guidelines, because I know how satisfying it is to see yourself growing. I like to tell my colleagues to strive for the best standard in everything you pursue.”


Spreading good energy makes all the difference. Asuka Yshima

“My high school basketball team was all about positive vibes, and this team culture translated into good results for us. Our positive attitude and desire to improve is summed up by the fact that we would sometimes even practice without our coach.

“Just as I did on the basketball court, I always have an upbeat attitude at work. Although everyone occasionally lets their emotions get the best of them, I’ve been fortunate to work with team members and customers who maintain their positive energy no matter what. You want to work with these kinds of people and help them in even the smallest ways. That’s why I have an optimistic approach to work as I believe spreading good energy makes all the difference.”


Curious About the Pose the Interviewees Are Striking?

As part of IWD 2024, women around the world are encouraged to show their solidarity by striking the pose for this year’s IWD theme, #InspireInclusion.


"I feel satisfied when I make an impact in my organization and community." Tina Sun

“At our fab in Wuxi, I was nominated by my co-workers as the ‘model employee’. It was truly gratifying to know that I was picked for my work ethic and leadership as I feel tremendous satisfaction when my efforts are acknowledged by the people around me. It’s also equally significant when I get the chance to make an impact in my organization and community. So, when I was chosen to be the company’s representative at China’s National People’s Congress, promoting SK hynix’s various contributions to the public sector was at the top of my mind.

“In the process, I really wanted to address the needs and well-being of my coworkers and help solve issues we see in society as being a leader comes with the moral responsibility to look out for others.”


"The key is to be careful, deliberate, and show perseverance in everything you do." Sherry Wu

“I enjoy finding the optimal solution to problems as I know that my capabilities will improve as a result. When travelling with friends, I identify and resolve any issues in the itinerary, including restaurants, transport, and so on, to make our journey more comfortable. Likewise, at work I am never phased by any issues and will collaborate with my co-workers to find solutions.

“No matter how much time it takes, I’ve learned that persistent determination paves the road to solving the problem. The key is to be careful, deliberate, and show perseverance in everything you do. In the long run, it makes life easier for myself and the people around me.”


"I want to become someone who can lead others in the right direction." Hane (Stella) Yie

“Straight out of college, everything was new for me at work. I would just follow what my seniors were doing all the time. Taking notes from them, I gained knowledge as an engineer and the right attitude. I feel lucky to have met so many great co-workers during my time at the company.

“My parents named me ‘Hane’ which means ‘exemplary’ in Korean. They were the ones who showed me that anyone could change the world one small step at a time. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to meet other role models throughout my life who helped me get to where I’m today. So, just as my name suggests, I also want to become someone who can lead others in the right direction.”