Celebrating our global newsroom’s first anniversary

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It’s been one year since SK hynix launched its global newsroom in October 2019 with the goal of creating a central hub for thought leadership, conversation, and industry insights across the memory sector. And this important milestone could not come at a better time, as we are also celebrating the 37th anniversary of SK hynix’s semiconductor business on October 10th.

During our first year, we are proud to have produced over 101 pieces of diverse content, spotlighted over 44 company employees, and engaged a wide-ranging global audience on a number of relevant topics from gaming to sustainability to the future of our cities.

To celebrate this achievement, we’re taking a look back at the moments, articles and announcements that have populated the newsroom these past 12 months.

Newsroom By the Numbers

• 365 Days
• 16 press releases
• 63 editorial articles
• 12 thought leadership / opinion pieces
• 19 short videos
• 44 employees spotlighted
• 191 countries reached

Top Moments from the Year

Several stories in particular have stood out — from forward-thinkers in Minsk to sustainability advancements in Korea to coping with the COVID-19 pandemic across our global offices. Here are the top five moments that defined our year:

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In Their Words: From Our Employees & Partners

During this time, we’ve seen incredible growth within our company from a business, corporate responsibility, and cultural perspective — and the newsroom has been an effective channel to communicate about these initiatives with employees, peers and partners alike. Here’s what some of our employees and partners had to say about the impact of the newsroom:

1. Natalia Ryzhenkova, Head of SKHMS Eastern Europe

Dear Colleagues,
It is our pleasure to congratulate the Global Newsroom and all the talented people working on it with one year of uplifting, positive, and inspirational material.
Your loyalty to the best professional traditions, as well as a constructive and creative approach to work, help you not only to do your job with high quality but also to unite colleagues from different countries and continents. It is a great honor for us to work with you. We really appreciate your expertise and professionalism.

The materials you create make an extremely positive impact on the Belarusian team in particular. Our team members are looking forward to new interviews, videos, and news that professionally describe the latest events in our industry, and then gladly discuss these materials with colleagues and share them in their social networks and professional environment.

May your dedication, open-mindedness, and expertise always help you solve the most ambitious tasks and keep up with the times, while following the global trends in the media industry.
We wish the editorial board to continue their fruitful work on professional and open coverage of our company’s life and performance. Let your creative potential light up new SK hynix stars!

Happy anniversary!

2. Daeyong Shim, Vice President, Head of Automotive Business at SK hynix Inc.

It is an honor to have the opportunity to celebrate the first anniversary of the Global Newsroom.

As the Global Newsroom has been doing for a year, I hope that it will continue to represent SK hynix’s proud technology to its various audiences, including shareholders, and to represent the company’s reputation that shows how it continues to grow.

And I thank you for introducing SK hynix’s in-depth insight and core growth vision for its next-generation business through my automotive semiconductor article in the Global Newsroom in July. I am grateful that it has received tremendous support and attention both at home and abroad.

I am deeply moved to work with you as you continue discovering good news and refining based on your excellent knowledge and foreign language expression, and please continue to write good content.

Thank you.
Happy anniversary!

3. Simon Huang, Technical Leader, Solution Lab, SK hynix America

Congratulations on SK hynix Global Newsroom’s first anniversary! Such a terrific initiative started by SK hynix one year ago. The Global Newsroom has not only enhanced SK hynix visibility around the world but also brought tremendous impacts to the industry with SK hynix’ latest technology and innovation. With frequent posts from the Global Newsroom highlighting SK hynix’ continuous efforts promoting diversity and social values, SK hynix sets a great example that has positively influenced the culture within the tech industry.

I am very glad to be able to contribute to this excellent initiative by sharing my journey at SK hynix. It really motivates me to see cheerful messages from my peers across industries. I believe these inspiring articles from the Global Newsroom will encourage more young professionals to be more confident and pursue their dreams.

Moving Forward

As we continue to tell the SK hynix story, we will continue to innovate both in our development of cutting-edge memory solutions and also in our discussion these innovations with the world.

Thank you for following along with us, and here’s to another year of progress.