Competitive Edge on Speed Is the Key to HBM Products’ Success

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After becoming the industry’s first to develop HBM3 last year, SK hynix began to mass-produce the world’s best-performing DRAM this June. Through two previous articles contributed by Sungsoo Ryu, SK hynix’s newsroom introduced the latest technical developments of HBMs. The author explained how the HBM3’s superior performance helps meet higher demands on DRAM and memory while touching on the company’s long-term strategy as a leader in the memory industry to propel the HBM3 market forward. Subsequently, this article will explain the significant design techniques that enhance the speed of HBM3.

The high-value-added properties of HBMs make it useful in computing systems that require high performance, such as supercomputers and AI accelerators, and it plays a role in overcoming the limitations of computing technology.

Consequently, the successful development of HBM is considered to represent the technological prowess of a company, as DRAM products’ high bandwidth requires a variety of technologies and advanced design techniques that make for technological complexities.

Since the introduction of HBM1 in 2015, the design of the HBM products has played a significant role in ensuring the competitiveness of these products. And the HBM Design Team at SK hynix has been a crucial component of this success. The team is responsible for implementing specifications into actual circuits as well as developing architectures and design technologies to ensure accurate functions, high performance, and low power characteristics. Project leader Myeong-jae Park explains in this EE Times article how employing superior design techniques lead to improvements in performance—or speed competitiveness.

By resolving skew—or designing transmission lines with similar length and electrical components—with machine learning, improving speed with optimization of PVT-aware timing, and incorporating other processing technologies, SK hynix will continue to ensure the long-term development of HBM.

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