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Culture for All: SK hynix Zeroes in on Inclusion

By August 25, 2021 March 5th, 2024 No Comments

SK hynix places a high priority on both economic and social value with the aim of having a positive impact on the people they serve and our world. In a show of commitment, SK hynix has announced SV2030, a roadmap for maximizing social value in the four core areas of Environment, Shared Growth, Social Safety Net, and Corporate Culture over the next decade. In regards to Corporate Culture, SK hynix is moving towards diversity, inclusion, and equity (DI&E), increasing the recruitment and appointment of women and providing training for all employees.

Specifically, the semiconductor industry, which set records for mergers and acquisitions in 2020, can benefit greatly as focusing on corporate culture during a merger has shown to increase the probability of success from 30-40 percent to 60-70 percent.

Major tech companies are embracing DI&E to bolster their corporate culture and are turning to actionable approaches such as diverse talent recruitment and inclusivity training. SK hynix strongly supports diversity and inclusion and is evolving its own culture with the goal of helping employees grow professionally and personally. Corporations across the industry are also demonstrating their commitments by implementing initiatives and programs surrounding self-development, diversity, and female leadership.

SK hynix’s Happiness Design Group was introduced to support working parents. The initiative’s diverse participants work together to cultivate a more forward-thinking and compassionate culture in the workplace for busy parents and offer effective mentoring to foster leadership in female employees. Following its establishment, a remarkable 99% of parents now return to work following parental leave.

Additionally, the Junior Board provides a direct line for employees of all levels to voice their opinions with leadership team members, supporting SK hynix’s belief that every voice is inherently valuable.

Included in the efforts supporting the core area of Social Safety Net, SK hynix is committed to making employment accessible to all job seekers, helping create over 1,000 jobs for members of the disabled community.

Any progressive company that believes in continual growth will recognize the intrinsic importance of social value. That is why SK hynix has dedicated itself to SV2030 as a guide for its future.

A key driver for social value creation moving forward will be DI&E. It can transform corporate culture, enabling innovation through diverse voices and harmony through a unified goal of shared values for employees, customers, investors, and communities.