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Encouraging Innovation through Corporate Culture

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At SK hynix, corporate culture is at the core of our success. Much like a high-performance memory chip, it powers every aspect of the work that we do.

We believe that our internal efforts encourage employees to produce great results externally, and so we make it a priority to invest in our people.

These efforts take many shapes, but our “Learning Organization Series” is a particular point of pride for members of SK hynix America at every level. Led by the very talented people from within our company, these are monthly conversations on topics ranging from DRAM technology innovations and artificial intelligence to stocks and even wine. Diverse dialogues, these sessions create a space where employees can grow beyond their areas of immediate focus. They offer the opportunity for colleagues to learn from other colleagues and engage with them in new, enriching ways.

SK hynix 2019 Learning Organization Series

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One poignant session from recent memory was led by a VP of International Trade and Regulatory Affairs back in July. Rather than discussing the trade issues and regulatory matters that he routinely discusses during the workday, he chose to guide coworkers through a special hobby of his – wine. Leading the group through an advanced wine class, he covered everything from the grape to the wineries, from pinot noir to sauvignon blanc.

“It was really nice to get the perspective of a wine connoisseur on the origins of the types of wine. To be able to understand the pairing and the varieties of taste of wine was exceptional,” explained Larry Huynh, HR Team, who attended the Wine Learning Session. “On a bonus, it was a really great incentive to have a trivia to win the prizes!”

Steve Son sharing his expert knowledge in wine

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SK hynix America members taking the session of “Expanding the boundaries of AI revolution”

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Another session from May led by a senior manager of DRAM technical marketing explored the expanding boundaries of the AI revolution. And in June, a member of our sales team guided the audience through the delicate art of business communication.

We call this “knowledge sharing,” and it doesn’t stop at these monthly sessions. We feel that a culture of knowledge-sharing is one that promotes the kind of collaboration, curiosity, and enthusiasm that we seek to build into every aspect of our work. It’s a cross-pollination of ideas between each of our business sectors and beyond. From sales, to engineering, to regulatory affairs, each of our employees has something to share, and more importantly, something to learn.

“I love attending learning sessions. They are eye-opening and extremely informative for me as a sales professional,” shared Ty Chatchaidech, Sales Lead Team. They help me achieve better understanding of the whole ecosystem.”

SK hynix believes that a shared set of social values and a strong sense of community in the workplace allows employees to feel comfortable and empowered, and by extension, propels the company forward. Our customers see this in the quality of our products, in the depth of our ideas, and in the creativity of our concepts.

At the end of the day, we are confident that this emphasis on growth and learning in the workplace plays a vital role in the technological innovation that we pursue in the world.