Fact or Myth: Setting the record straight about next-gen technologies

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With the quick expansion of 4th industrial revolution technologies, there is an influx of discoveries coming in daily as we continue to learn more about how these technologies can bring us added benefits. However, with all of this information coming in, it is hard to keep track of what is true about the expected technology.

At SK hynix, we must acutely understand these technologies as we work with partners to bring these next-generation technologies to life. In this article, we look at some of the top industry statements around technologies including 5G, big data, and autonomous vehicles, and set the record straight.

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1. Artificial Intelligence can teach itself to walk, talk, see, and be conscious of its own existence.

MYTH. It is one of the most popular plots in science fiction movies and shows, but the truth is AI requires significant amounts of human knowledge and engineering to be able to perform the tasks that benefit our daily lives. While with advanced engineering and human supervision AI systems have learned to do things like walk, talk, and see but there are no current facts that would suggest these systems will be conscious of their own existence. We are safe from any robot revolution…for now.

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2. Virtual reality will be at the forefront of how we work and play.

FACT. One of the most talked-about technologies for the past decade has been virtual reality. Many believe that the technology appears to be more of a trend, but analysts still predict increased growth year over year. In fact, forecasts project massive growth in both AR and VR headset sales in the coming years, with both technologies combined expected to sell over 26 million units per year by 2023.1

With increased interest in virtual reality with adventure, action, and simulation games, the market is projected to grow to more than 16 billion by 2022.2 Virtual reality is also seeing increased use in the workplace with its use in virtual enhanced conference calls that can transport you around the world.

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3. 5G will close the digital divide and instantly connect rural areas around the world.

MYTH. While 5G is continuing to be rolled out across the world, it will not solve our problems overnight. Many of us may already be seeing 5G hit our smartphones but the fact is there are many countries and even areas in the U.S. see unreliable internet access and mobile data. It could be that until 5G becomes more widespread, the digital divide may actually widen even further. However, when fully deployed, 5G promises to greatly enhance the speed, coverage and responsiveness of wireless networks for all.

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4. Autonomous vehicles are unsafe and easily hacked.

MYTH. The safety benefits of self-driving vehicles are significant with the potential to save lives and reduce injuries as 94% of serious crashes today are due to human error.3 Though as more and more cars become connected with built-in WIFI and digital capabilities, cybersecurity does become an issue that automakers and technology companies need to account for.

However, when it comes to autonomous vehicles, connectivity is a bit different. Self-driving cars will be connected to a larger system of vehicles and infrastructure, so it becomes much harder of a task to hack an entire complex system rather than a current individual vehicle on the road today.

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5. Big data generated annually is doubling every two years.

FACT. According to the World Economic Forum, the entire digital universe is expected to reach 44 zettabytes by 2020.4 Due to the recent popularity of photo and video sharing apps, this number is increasing exponentially every year, and doubling every two years. Companies need to figure out how to meet this demand and rely on storage and processing power as well as strong analytics capabilities to harness big data.

SK hynix’s semiconductor memories are positioned to tackle big data. They collect and analyze large amounts of unstructured data in real-time from data center servers and can operate with high performance, high capacity and low power consumption.

Setting the record straight

At SK hynix, our goal is to make people’s lives easier and give our partners best-in-class technology to harness the power of these next-generation technologies. It is built in our culture to be transparent in this process and make sure that these technologies are clearly defined to meet the needs of those who rely on it.

The expansion of the 4th industrial revolution technology will continue to see semiconductor memory prosper. By delivering innovative, high-performance and reliable products to our customers, SK hynix will continue to be a leader in the industry.


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