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Full-Scale Promotion of Value-Added Product Launched to Fast Growing High-End Server Market

By March 5, 2002 December 7th, 2020 No Comments
– hynix Announces Development of 1GB DDR Registered DIMM Ready for the Market

Seoul, Korea, March 5, 2002

hynix Semiconductor Inc. today announced it has developed a 1GB DDR Registered DIMM and is introducing it to the market.

This product is focused primarily on the high-end server application market for major OEM customers. Following on the heels of the successful launching of the 1GB SDR DIMM last year for high-end server applications, hynix developed the 1GB DDR Registered DIMM, following development of the 512MB high-density module.

In addition, hynix added that it is on target to develop the 2GB DDR version and anticipates introduction early second half of this year. hynix expects most major OEMs to welcome the high-density memory module due to its high density and large capability. It gives huge extendability to memory-hungry applications, such as high-end servers, which normally require memory stability as well as a great amount of memory, to operate properly.

This DIMM provides as much as twice the memory capability in the applications, which in the past suffered from limited memory slots. “High-end server suppliers are quickly ramping to higher density DDR memory modules, enabling these servers to provide incredible performance benefits,” stated Farhad Tabrizi, Vice President of Worldwide Memory Marketing. “Today, many OEMs are offering servers with 64GB of total memory in one server, and with DDR DRAMs as their main choice of memory. These modules are required to achieve these high density systems.” Through full-scale promotion of this value-added product, hynix anticipates it will have new opportunities to gain revenue, currently 20 percent of their total revenue, and increase market share in this fast growing market segment.