AI Startup Gauss Labs Recruits for Global Internship Program

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Gauss Labs, a startup specializing in industrial artificial intelligence (AI) software, is seeking talented candidates for its ‘Grow with Gauss Labs’ global internship program in Seoul and Silicon Valley.

Gauss Labs is an AI software startup based in Silicon Valley, USA, founded in August 2020 with capital investment from SK hynix. In November, the company will release PANOPTES VM (Virtual Metrology), an AI-based software solution developed by the company that predicts process performance on unmeasured wafers using sensor data from semiconductor equipment and data measured through wafers. Through this, Gauss Labs is expected to be in a unique position to spearhead industrial AI innovation to the next level.

Since 2021, Gauss Labs has been offering internships to foster global talents for developing cutting-edge industrial AI solutions, and it continues to provide opportunities for growth by building on AI knowledge gained so far and applying it to projects carried out on actual industrial sites.

Positions across five roles are available for this internship opportunity: Applied Scientist (Machine Learning & Data Science), Applied Scientist (Computer Vision & Image Processing), AI Engineer, Computer Vision & Image Processing Engineer, and Software Engineer. In addition to an interview, candidates may be asked to take a coding test.

Applicants can apply until October 17 (Mon) through the Gauss Labs website ( Successful applicants will be notified individually in November. Finalists will work full-time in Seoul for 9 weeks from the end of December this year, with the option of continuing to participate in the project on a part-time basis beginning in March and during the semester. After the project is completed, those who have displayed excellent performance will be given the opportunity to intern in Silicon Valley for around 8 weeks. All lodging expenses and return flights from Seoul will be fully covered by Gauss Labs.

Mike Young-Han Kim, CEO of Gauss Labs, said, “The ‘Grow with Gauss’ global internship allows participants to gain hands-on experience working on real-world projects in the field of industrial AI. It offers infinite growth potential through mentoring from Gauss Labs members who are equipped with the world’s best AI technological skills.”

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