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SK hynix’s Revolutionary Technology Center Presents Its Blueprint for Future Semiconductor Research

By March 30, 2023 December 1st, 2023 No Comments

“Over the next decade, the semiconductor market will become more dynamic than ever. To be prepared, we need to start taking initiatives beginning with changing the way we work,” says Myung-hee Na, the vice president of Revolutionary Technology Center (RTC) at SK hynix.

As next-generation innovations such as hyperscale AI and machine learning have gradually become a part of peoples’ daily lives, the semiconductor industry is tasked with catching up to the pace of future technologies. Na has been an avid advocate of research during the two decades that she has worked as a semiconductor technologist around the globe. She now directs RTC’s research towards SK hynix’s core businesses in DRAM and NAND memory, securing new-type memories that will create new values in next-generation technologies, and semiconductor technologies that will support the environment for next-generation computing.

However, Na does not think technological advancements are the only components that her institution needs to become a global player in future semiconductor research. The head of RTC plans to make her organization reputable for its open channels of dialogue and active collaboration with other bodies invested in semiconductor research. More specifically, she stresses that “an environment that encourages open discussions is crucial” for research, and that “an open research platform (ORP) is an effective model to establish such an ecosystem.”

Putting together her expertise that comes from past experiences including her time at IBM and the Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre (IMEC), she is now committed to the goal of integrating an ORP for RTC. In the end, Na’s blueprint for RTC is to become a Global R&D24, or a systemized structure that encourages research collaboration by integrating a database of resources and enabling networking among global experts.

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