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San Jose, California, June 01, 1999 – CyberLANE Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hyundai Electronics America (HEA), today announced an agreement to provide its cdmaOneTM silent operation Pico Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) to AirTouch Communications for potential deployment in its United States cellular service areas. AirTouch also plans a test deployment of the Hyundai Electronics Micro BTS this year. “Through its open interface and smaller, more advanced cell sites, Hyundai Electronics is significantly lowering Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) operating and deployment costs, allowing AirTouch to maintain its competitive advantage in the industry,” said Mike Scullin, AirTouch Communications’ Director of Strategic Supplier Relations. “Hyundai has a proven track record in CDMA technology, evidenced by its support of the world’s largest CDMA network in Korea. The company has shown that it offers quality systems built on innovative platforms.” Hyundai Electronics’ Pico BTS provides cellular and PCS operators with an exceptionally compact, medium-capacity base station platform that permits maximum deployment flexibility. Utilizing natural convection – no noisy fans – and common AC power, the Pico BTS can be deployed in any environment, both outdoors and in office buildings. Hyundai Electronics’ higher capacity Micro BTS can include, for additional flexibility in cell planning, Celletra’s Active Radiator Module (ARMO) antenna. Hyundai Electronics is a proponent of open network architectures, offering systems designed to support cdmaOne, IS-634A and CDG-IOS 2.0 inter-operability standards. “AirTouch and Hyundai Electronics share a common goal to provide the best wireless service throughout the world,” commented Kelly Joyce, Director of Sales for Hyundai Electronics’ wireless networks in the Americas. “We are pleased that service providers are developing relationships with non-traditional wireless vendors, such as Hyundai Electronics, for proven, leading-edge technology,” he added. About AirTouch Communications AirTouch Communications serves more than 8 million U.S. cellular customers and operates in 22 of the top 30 U.S. markets, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland, San Jose, Sacramento, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Seattle, Portland (Oregon), Denver, Phoenix, and Minneapolis. AirTouch Communications is the largest wireless company in the world based on the 44 million customers served by its global ventures. AirTouch Communications serves 19 million customers based on its ownership share in cellular, paging, and personal communications services in the United States and 12 other nations. It also has an interest in the Globalstar satellite system. For more information, visit AirTouch Communications’ web site at About CELLETRA Ltd. CELLETRA Ltd. develops, manufactures, and markets integrated tower-top, modular active antenna systems for cellular base stations utilizing its patent-pending ARM technology. CELLETRA’s family of products ranges from microcells and repeaters to multibeam and adaptive antennas, and standardizes the interface between the base station and the tower-top transmission system. For more information contact Dr. Joseph Shapira, CEO and President, CELLETRA Tavor Bldg.1, Yoqne’am Ilit, Israel, Tel. +972 4 959 2522, Fax. +972 4 959 2523, email: . About Hyundai Electronics and CyberLANE CyberLANE Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Electronics America, provides sales, technical support, and product development for cdmaOne wireless networks for Latin and North America from it’s Silicon Valley headquarters in San Jose, California. CyberLANE’s center of excellence for cdmaOne handsets is located in San Diego, California. CdmaOne networks and handsets are produced in Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. ISO 9001 certified large-scale production facility in Ichon, South Korea. In 1996, Hyundai Electronics provided wireless systems for the first commercially deployed cdmaOne network. South Korea continues to account for a large portion of the world’s cdmaOne subscribers. Building on this experience, Hyundai Electronics offers a full line of cdmaOne wireless network solutions including Base Transceiver Stations, Base Station Controllers, Mobile Switching Centers, Home Location Registers, and Voice Mail Systems. These systems are deployed world-wide for mobile voice and data, wireless office, and wireless local loop in traditional and packet networks at 800, 1800 and 1900 MHz. For more information, visit Hyundai Electronics’ web site at, or call (408) 232-8700. Editorial Contact: Hyundai Electronics America. Ross C. Gaisor Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications Phone: (408)232-8080 Fax: (408)232-8104 E-mail: Product Information Contact: USA: (408)232-8700