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hynix Announces World’s First Introduction of DDR500

By July 29, 2003 December 9th, 2019 No Comments

Seoul, Korea, July 29, 2003

hynix Semiconductor Inc. (hynix,, announced today it has developed a 500MHz 256Mbit DDR SDRAM and will begin its full-scale volume production in August 2003.

The newly introduced DDR500, a high-performance PC main memory device, runs at 500MHz and will be available in FBGA, TSOP or QFP package. The DDR500 product line up is aimed towards the gaming market enthusiasts who tend to require higher frequencies and system performance. The main memory DDR500 follows the introduction a 500MHz graphic memory last year and will be manufactured using the company’s Prime Chip 0.13-micron process technology.

Currently, the main memory DRAM market is experiencing a rapid transition in demand from DDR266 to DDR333/400. hynix expects the DDR500 to demand a 10-20% premium relative to DDR400 due to limited supply. hynix aims to continue to maintain and expand its leadership position in the high-performance PC, workstation and computer game consol markets, requiring ultra high-speed memory products. hynix is dedicated to maintaining its competitive edge in the high-speed memory market through continuous development of ultra high-speed devices.

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