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hynix Breaks 128M DDR SDRAM Monthly Sales Record

By August 10, 2001 December 7th, 2020 No Comments

Seoul, Korea , August 10, 2001

hynix Semiconductor America Inc. today announced record-high 128M DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM sales totaling 1.7 million units for July, capturing 45 percent of the global DDR SDRAM market.

This achievement positions hynix as the undisputed leader in DDR SDRAM shipments worldwide. The company anticipates even greater sales for August – exceeding three million units—due to increasing demand for DDR SDRAM. The surge in DDR SDRAM demand has been driven by motherboard manufacturers launching products with chip-sets, obtained from suppliers such as VIA and others, which support the DDR platform. Additionally, Intel is now transitioning the P4 microprocessor to accept DDR SDRAM in order to penetrate a wider range of applications. Until recently, the P4 and its associated chip-sets were designed to accept only Rambus DRAMs, limiting its use to high-end applications. This strategic shift in Intel’s position will propel DDR SDRAM into mainstream system memory applications. hynix has favorably promoted DDR SDRAM as the next generation high performance DRAM standard.

Taking advantage of its leadership position in the graphics market, which was the first to use DDR, hynix is successfully established in main memory applications as well. hynix has been working closely with processor, chipset and motherboard manufacturers, such as AMD and VIA, to receive validation for its DDR technology. hynix continues to participate in various DDR SDRAM related standards committees, technology forums and exhibitions, such as VIA Tech Forum and Platform, to evangelize DDR technology and to gain user acceptance. DDR SDRAM typically commands a 20 percent cost premium over SDRAM of like density. With a complete product portfolio of DDR SDRAMs, hynix expects co capitalize on the growing demand generated by emerging graphics, system memory and mobile applications.