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hynix Develops 0.10-micron 512 MB DDR

By October 29, 2002 December 7th, 2020 No Comments

Seoul, Korea, October 29, 2002

hynix Semiconductor Inc. (hynix,, announced today that it has successfully developed 512-Mb DDR SDRAM (double-data-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory) manufactured with cutting-edge 0.10-micron technology.

hynix applied its landmark Golden Chip semiconductor manufacturing technology to the mass production 0.10-micron technology products without additional investment in its fabrication facilities. Golden Chip follows the company’s Blue Chip (0.15-micron) technology and Prime Chip (0.13-micron) technology. The company estimates the use of 0.10-micron technology reduces overall investment requirements by 50% when compared to its competitors.

The new 512 Mb DDR SDRAM memory is developed to meet market demand for PC and server products. The new product is compatible with DDR 266, DDR 333, and DDR 400. hynix will implement the integrated design technology and manufacturing process in its plants in Ichon, Choongju, and Eugene, Oregon. hynix is planning to launch mass production of 512 Mb DDR SDRAM by the end of the year. Production of 256 Mb and 1 Gb DDR SDRAM using Golden Chip technology will occur in the first half of next year. hynix expects the successful development of its Golden Chip technology to assure it maintains its role as a leader in the memory chip market.