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hynix Develops Super-Low-Power SDRAM

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– hynix recently announced that it had developed a super-low-power SDRAM for use in next generation hand-held electronic appliances.

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Seoul, Korea, June 12, 2001

hynix Semiconductor Inc. (hynix) recently announced that it had developed a super-low-power SDRAM for use in next generation hand-held electronic appliances.

The new product is a 128MBit SDRAM manufactured utilizing 0.18um technology. It operates at 2.5 volts, reducing power consumption by 60 percent compared with existing 3.0 volt products. New features brought to bear in lowering power consumption by the new hynix chip include Temperature Compensated Self Refresh (TCSR), Partial Array Self Refresh (PASR), and Deep Power Down (DPD). These functions are all sanctioned by the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC). In addition, hynix employed two types of packaging for the new chip in order to meet market demand for greater flexibility. The packages are 54Ball FBGA, a standard Chip Scale Package type for semiconductor, and 54Pin TSOP. Moreover, the FBGA package—one-third the size of existing products—is already configured for future application of 256M DRAM. The super-low-power SDRAM is targeted for use in various types of hand-held electronics such as the next generation IMT-2000 handsets, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), and digital cameras.

Due to its cutting-edge technology, this chip is three to four times more expensive than existing SDRAM. Semiconductor manufacturers are, therefore, battling for early market occupation. hynix plans to launch volume production in the third quarter of 2001. In order to secure its early position in the market, the company will begin volume production of 256M SDRAM in the first half of 2002. Demand for DRAM now ranges from traditional personal computers to hand-held devices of all kinds. This new low power SDRAM from hynix not only meets the need for large-capacity memory, but lengthens battery operating time as well, critical issues in the rapidly growing hand-held market.

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hynix Semiconductor Inc.(hynix) of Ichon, Korea, is an industry leader in the development, sales, marketing and distribution of high-quality semiconductors (including DRAM, SRAM, Flash memory and system IC devices). hynix is the world’s largest DRAM supplier with 11 semiconductor manufacturing facilities worldwide, and production capacity of over 300,000 wafer starts per month. In addition, hynix is expanding its system IC business unit with leading technology and added deep-submicron foundry services to strategically broaden its overall semiconductor presence and achieve its goal of leading the global semiconductor market. Based in Korea, hynix maintains development, manufacturing, sales and marketing facilities strategically located worldwide. More information on hynix Semiconductor Inc. and its products is available from the company’s web site at