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hynix First to Receive Intel Validation on High Density-High Speed 2GB DDR2-667 SODIMMs

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Seoul, July 25, 2005

hynix Semiconductor Inc. ( today announced it has received the DRAM industry’s first Intel validation on its 2GigaByte(GB) DDR2-667 small outline, dual in-line memory modules (SODIMMs).

The 2GB DDR2-667 SODIMMs are manufactured using the hynix 2Gb Dual Die Package (DDP) DDR2-667 components. The 2Gb DDP devices developed by hynix Package Research Institute were also the first 2Gb devices to received Intel validation and utilize two hynix 1Gb die into a single package.

The hynix 2GB DDR2 SODIMMs running at 667MHz meet the features of the highest performing memory modules supported by future generations of Intel Centrino mobile platforms by increasing overall performance by 25 percent and doubling memory capacity.

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hynix Semiconductor, based in Icheon, Korea is a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor memory products used in today’s leading-edge computing, consumer, and communications products. hynix manufactures and markets DRAMs, memory modules, NAND Flash, SRAM and other semiconductor memory components.