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hynix Introduces Low – Profile DIMM DDR Family

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hynix Semiconductor America Inc. today announced the introduction of a new product family of high-density, low-profile memory modules with heights of 1.125 inches and the JEDEC-specified standard height of 1.2 inches.

Packaged as 168-pin registered SDRAM DIMMs (Dual Inline Memory Modules) and 184-pin registered DDR (Double Data Rate) DIMMs, the modules are targeted to meet the specific requirements of server and networking applications. The lower-profile package facilitates the assembly of space constrained PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), where height is a critical design factor. The DIMMs can be mounted vertically in the thin 1U server enclosures, which measure only 1.75 inches in height. The use of angled connectors to mount modules on the system motherboard is no longer required, thereby simplifying routing and improving signal integrity in these space-constrained applications. In particular, entry-level servers will benefit from the use of these low-profile DIMMs.

“These low-profile DIMMs are one of many ways that hynix continues to demonstrate its commitment to its customers,” said Farhad Tabrizi, vice president of worldwide memory marketing at hynix. “At hynix, we have been focusing on CSP and stacked packages to make high-density low-profile DIMMs viable and reliable, and we anticipate that they will be used in other mainstream applications as well.”

The hynix SDRAM and DDR DIMMS are available in densities of 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1GB—the latter two using 256Mb stacked packages. The SDRAM-based modules support PC100/133 specifications, while the DDR modules support PC1600/2100 standards. The modules are available now in sample quantities and are scheduled for volume production later this month.