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hynix launches volume production of application specific MCU for flash memory cards

By July 27, 2001 December 7th, 2020 No Comments

hynix Semiconductor Inc. announced today that it had recently completed development and launched volume production of an application specific microcontroller unit (MCU) for use in Compact Flash Cards and Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) Flash Memory Cards.

These cards serve as the memory component in an extensive array of digital cameras and personal digital assistants (PDAs). With ARM at its core, the MCU also combines SRAM, ROM, PCMCIA, and Flash memory interface circuits on a single chip for inclusion in Flash memory cards. In addition, the MCU has an internal Phase Locked Loop (PLL), thus eliminating the need for secondary components such as external oscillators and lowering production cost as a result. The MCU is key to controlling data reading, writing, and error correction in digital camera and PDA systems.

These new hynix products incorporating SRAM and ROM in a single MCU offer greater memory capacity in a limited space yet performance speed three times faster than existing devices. hynix has booked sales of the new products not only to domestic memory card manufacturers but also Flash memory module makers in Taiwan, the United States, and Japan. The Company anticipates sizable exports over the next three years, beginning with the third quarter of this year. With the successful introduction of this product, hynix is now able to supply its ever-growing data flash memory line in both MCU and kit base form. This further enhances the image of hynix as a total solution provider in the field of Flash memory cards.