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hynix Says U.S. ITC Decision On DRAM Case Is “Very Disappointing,” But It Will Not Affect hynix’s Overall Business Operation Worldwide

By July 24, 2003 December 7th, 2020 No Comments

Seoul, Korea, July 24, 2003

An official of hynix today stated that “hynix is very disappointed by the International Trade Commission’s affirmative injury determination in the DRAMs case.” He cautioned, however, that it was difficult to offer much comment on the ITC’s determination because the ITC’s written rationale was not yet available. “Today we just learned the outcome, not the reasons why.”

According to the official, hynix will receive the ITC’s written rationale in a couple of weeks, and then hynix will review its options. Two options are possible: (1) appealing the ITC’s decision to the Court of International Trade, and/or (2) having the Government of Korea appeal the decision to the WTO. Both options could be pursued at the same time.

The official also said that today’s determination, although disappointing, will not bring any significant changes in hynix’s DRAM production and business operation. He said that hynix has prepared a thorough plan in advance to minimize the impact of any unfavorable ITC determination. For example, “hynix will increase the production of DRAMs in its Eugene, Oregon fab, which is not subject to the CVD duty imposition, to continue to provide quality DRAMs to its U.S. customers.” “Therefore, our existing customers in the U.S. will not be affected at all by today’s decision,” the official emphasized.