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hynix Statement regarding Court Judgment of Rambus Case

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SEOUL, Korea — On March 10th, 2009

the United States District Court for the Northern District of California entered its judgment in one of the Rambus cases. hynix respectfully disagrees with the judgment and now that it has been entered hynix may pursue its appeal to the Federal Circuit.

Specifically, the Court ruled that even though Rambus destroyed evidence while preparing to sue hynix and other DRAM companies Rambus was still permitted to continue its suit against hynix. This ruling conflicts with the contrary judgments of United States District Courts in Delaware and Virginia. Patents should not be enforceable in one part of the United States and not in another. In addition, the Court interpreted Rambus’s patents very broadly, which hynix believes is incorrect under the current law. Importantly the United States Patent and Trademark Office has recently issued several rulings finding Rambus’s patents invalid and improperly issued.

Rambus’s request bar hynix from selling DRAMs in the United States was denied and hynix will seek a stay of the damages judgment while the appeal is pending. hynix does not expect that the judgment will have any impact on its business operations while the case continues.

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