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hynix Statement regarding Court Order of Rambus Case

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SEOUL, Korea — On February 23, 2009

the United States District Court for the Northern District of California denied Rambus’s request for an injunction barring hynix from selling its DRAM products in the United States. The order also finalizes a prior ruling awarding damages to Rambus and imposes royalties of 1% on SDR SDRAM and 4.25% on DDR SDRAM and later generations of DRAMs sold in the United States before the final judgment. hynix and Rambus were ordered to negotiate over royalty rates for sales after the date of final judgment.

hynix expects that a final judgment reflecting this order will be entered soon.

hynix is gratified that the court rejected Rambus’s request for an injunction, but is disappointed by the district court’s damages ruling and will file an appeal when the final judgment is entered. hynix believes that Rambus’s patents, as has been recently confirmed by certain rulings of the US Patent & Trademark Office, are invalid. In addition, hynix maintains that Rambus’s conduct in destroying evidence relevant to the litigation between hynix and Rambus, and Rambus and the rest of the DRAM industry, bars Rambus from enforcing its patents. The United States District Courts for Delaware and Virginia have already ruled that Rambus is guilty of destroying evidence; the decision of the California court conflicts with these other court decisions.

While hynix’s appeal is pending hynix is not required to pay the judgment; if, as it expects, hynix prevails on the appeal, the judgment will be reversed. The appeal will take 1 to 2 years under the normal U.S legal procedure.

hynix’s US sales of DRAMs will continue uninterrupted.

While the appeal is pending hynix anticipates that the direct damage under the district court’s ruling will not be substantial and will be greatly dependent on the results of the appeal.

hynix will continue to do its best to obtain a favorable decision from the appellate court.

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