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hynix to Launch Production on ITS 0.10-micron Process Technology

By May 12, 2003 December 7th, 2020 No Comments

Seoul, Korea, May 12, 2003

hynix Semiconductor Inc. (“hynix”,, today announced it will begin volume production on its next generation Golden Chip platform using its leading edge .10-micron process technology.

Using its .10-micron Golden Chip process technology, hynix will primarily focus on 512Mb DDR and 512Mb DDR2 SDRAM production shortly to be followed by 1Gb DDR2 SDRAM launch in second half of 2003. hynix initially used its 256Mb DDR SDRAM for developing and evaluating its Golden Chip platform technology. “We expect .10-micron process to makeup close to 20 percent of hynix production in 2003 and 65 percent by 2004,” said Farhad Tabrizi, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at hynix.

hynix is currently using its Prime Chip .13-micron platform for most of its current production. By effectively utilizing existing equipment, Golden Chip technology allows mass production of 0.10-micron technology products with minimum additional investment in capital expenditures. The company estimates the use of its 0.10-micron technology will reduce overall investment requirements by 50% compared to its competitors and will increase the number of die per wafer by 40% in comparison to its .13-micron Prime Chip technology, maintaining hynix’s competitive position in cost and technology.