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Hyundai Electronics, decided current vice president Chong-Sup Park as a new president

By February 28, 2000 December 7th, 2020 No Comments
– Hyundai Electronics announced on 28 February 2000 that current vice president, Chong-Sup Park who are also CEO of Hyundai Electronics America and Maxtor, U.S.A., would be the new president since 1 March.

Graduated from Business Administration of Yeonsei University and studied MBA in University of Chicago and possessed PhD from Nova Southeastern University, president nominee, Chong-Sup Park aged 52 has been involved with Hyundai Electronics since the early 1983, the same year of establishment of Hyundai Electronics and worked in the diverse areas of business such as marketing/sales, planning, overseas business and overseas branch (CEO, chairman). Particularly, president Park is not only an expert of advanced management strategy thanks to his 12 year-long work in overseas countries, but also implemented major role of structural engineering of Hyundai Electronics such as semiconductor factory establishment in Oregon, U.S.A., management/acquisition of Symbios and separation/acquisition of ChipPAC etc. On top of that, his excellent management skill has been acknowledged when he managed Maxtor of U.S.A merged in 1993 as a CEO and chairman of and listed the company to NASDAQ by stabilization of the management. He is also a director of Viador which has recently listed to NASDAQ as an internet portal leader in U.S.A. Meanwhile, Hyundai Electronics is aimed to possess added value in its business by maximizing the integrated synergy effect in the semiconductor sector, restructuring business through digitalization, establishing advanced management and IT information system earlier than initial schedule, actualization of strategic knowledge management and earlier introduction of e-business with the nominee of CEO and president of Hyundai Electronics, Chong-Sup Park. It announced that it would focus on management to achieve customer and employee satisfaction, active directors’ committee and increase of shareholder value.