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Hyundai Electronics develops Korea’s first Pb-free semiconductor

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– Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. (HEI) announced yesterday that it had developed the first plumbum (Pb)-free semiconductor package and memory module in Korea

Seoul, Korea, January 5, 2001

Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. (HEI) announced yesterday that it had developed the first plumbum (Pb)-free semiconductor package and memory module in Korea. Existing DRAM chips have an electro-plate composed of tin (Sn) and Pb at a ratio of 9:1. They also utilize a surface mount solder containing Sn, Pb, and silver (Ag) at a mixture of 62:36:2. The new technology from HEI will be applied to 128M SDRAM (PC-100) allowing the manufactured module lead frame electro-plating and surface mounting process to be free of Pb. The Pb-free soldering technology operates at a temperature 30 degrees above the standard process. Maintaining product reliance in the face of such manufacturing extremes becomes the greatest cause for concern. Despite the higher temperature technology, the overall assembly process at HEI nonetheless assures reliance equivalent to that of existing products. HEI is now able to provide environment-friendly semiconductors, actively addressing the trade barriers posed by certain environment-conscious nations. Global electronic markets-the semiconductor channel in particular-recently increased the demand for Pb-free products as Japan and the EU consider restricting the import of noxious metal products. As a result, manufacturers are rushing to apply Pb-free soldering technology to chips and other electronic components as well as finished goods. HEI plans for mass production of Pb-free 128M SDRAM by June of this year, while at the same time applying Pb-free soldering technology to its Chip Scale Package (CSP) products. About Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. (HEI) of Ichon, Korea is an industry leader in the development, sales, marketing, and distribution of high-quality Semiconductors (including DRAM, SRAM, Flash memory, and System IC devices), Telecommunications, and Liquid Crystal Displays. The Semiconductor Group of Hyundai Electronics is the world’s largest DRAM supplier with eleven semiconductor manufacturing facilities worldwide, and production capacity of over 300,000 wafer starts per month. In addition, Hyundai is expanding its System IC business unit with leading technology and added deep-submicron foundry services to strategically broaden its overall semiconductor presence and achieve its goal of leading the global semiconductor market. Based in Korea, HEI maintains development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing facilities strategically located worldwide. Hyundai Electronics America (HEA) is a U.S. subsidiary of Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. HEA is headquartered at 3101 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95134. More information on Hyundai Electronics America and its products is available from the company’s web site at