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Hyundai Electronics Established a Strategic Alliance in the Field of JAVA Chip

By November 11, 1999 December 7th, 2020 No Comments
– Made an agreement with a Korean venture capital Aroma Soft to load ‘TeaPot’, the JAVA chip operational system
– Secures cost reduction and competitiveness for the products since toperational system developed within the country

Hyundai Electronics (CEO: Young-Whan Kim) announced on the 11th that it concluded a strategic alliance saying it would load ‘TeaPot’, the JAVA operational system by Aroma Soft (CEO: Hyun-Jin Lee) into the JAVA chip for the use of its home information electronics products to be launched in January 2000.

The JAVA chip which Hyundai developed and released last September for the first time is a core product in the field of non-memory and it is the first commercial ‘JAVA’ processor product with remarkable functions. It displays CPU function with keeping its two-dimensional graphic engine, NTSC-type encoder, and CRT controller functions. It can be also applied to various information and communication applied products such as internet, digital set top box, screen phone with 100 MHz CLUK speed.

Particularly, the ‘TeaPot’ operational system to be loaded into the ‘JAVA’ chip has been produced in such a way that it is possible to operate it basically with the minimum memory ROM 2 Mega bite and RAM 4 Mega bite so that it is suitable for the small and light home information electronics products and information communication appliances (ex: set top box, web phone, smart phone, and POS terminal). And since the system was developed by a domestic specialized venture capital with its own technology, it is highly evaluated that the company is able to secure competitiveness for the product with low cost.

Aroma Soft Co., LTD that has concluded the strategic alliance with Hyundai Electronics has developed the commercial JAVA operational system ‘TeaPot’ for the use of Embedded System in Korea and is such a promising venture capital that has been paid attention by the industry. In 1998, it was paid attention in the fall Comdex by loading ‘TeaPot’ into the early version of ‘JAVA’ chip.

Aroma Soft has also developed personal information terminal PDA (code name: Hazelnut) with a combined use of set top box that fully assists the JAVA environment for the first time, and is scheduled to release it in the fall Comdex November. Both Hyundai Electronics and Aroma Soft expect to secure the perfect solutions to JAVA technology in the field of Internet related information and home electronics and information communications through the strategic alliance for JAVA chip. Expected demand in the world market for the JAVA chip in the upcoming year is more than $1.7 billion worth in the field of information terminal equipment such as Internet set top box and screen phone. And prosperity in the field of non memory is anticipated hereafter.