Press Release


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●Concluded a contract for supply of monitors by OEM $300 million worth began supplying
●Expects to export monitors to foreign markets continuously for several hereafter

Hyundai Electronics (CEO: Young-Hwan Kim) announced that it has concluded a contract for OEM supply of 2 million PC monitors with Packard Bell/ NEC, one of the five major PC industries recently, and began to supply the products. This contract, which is worth of $300 million, consists of 15/ 17/ 19 inch CRT and 15 inch LCD monitors which Hyundai Electronics have sold under their own brand. And they explained that since credibility for their products has been secured in the monitor market they could forward the launching date for the products ahead of schedule. Especially since these products supplied will be equipped into all the Packard Bell/ NEC PC as bundle, Hyundai Electronics separately designs the cast for the monitor’s exterior cabinet to fit the Packard Bell/ NEC PC and then supplies. Also, in case of the monitor with integrated speaker, they adopted the audio circuit design by DAT (Diamond Audio Technologies), so they achieved such a high quality sound system comparable with any professional-use audio system in terms of its sound quality. This contract for export is a kind of genuine OEM method in that Hyundai Electronics itself has produced and supplied the cast for production of the monitor’s exterior cabinet in response of a request by Packard Bell/ NEC. And Hyundai Electronics said that Packard Bell/ NEC recognizes them as a long-term OEM supply partner, and for several years hereafter the company designates Hyundai Electronics as the supply line for related products. Hyundai Electronics expects the export of monitors to Packard Bell/ NEC to increase according to the changes in situation hereafter, anticipating to reach this year’s export target, 2 million, without any difficulty. In the coming 2000, it has a prospect that it can export 3 million monitors easily.