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– Gulliver Mate, supplied to domestic PCS operators starting form this August.
– Gulliver Mate installed with the high-tech chip “MSM-3000, was selected as Good
– Design of the Year at 1999 Korea Industrial Design Award.

Hyundai Electronics (Kim Young Hwan, President) that swept across the folder-type handset market with Gulliver at home, will release a new product installed with state-of-the-art chip MSM-3000 from early August of this year. This is expected to create a new sensation in the domestic industry. This newly developed folder-type handset is HEI’s strategic product aiming to capture the No.1 place in the domestic PCS handset market. To deliver a friendly image to customers, this was named Gulliver Mate (model name: HGP 9800). Using the high-tech chip MSM-3000, a key component of mobile communications handset, and one-board PCB that integrates multiple circuits (wireless frequency/logic/key pad), Gulliver Mate, when used with slim battery, will be the slimmest and lightest folder-type handset ever to be produced locally. Its maximum talk time and standby time is 132 minutes and 160 hours respectively with the standard battery. In particular, Gulliver Mate was selected as Good Design of the Year at ’99 GD (Good Design) product exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP). The focus of the design was to create a simple and clean image. Its understated, sophisticated, and modern style will maximize customers’ satisfaction. It was slimmed down by rounding off both ends. To perfectly fit one’s hand, the surface was delicately curved, thereby accomplishing human-tech engineering design. Installed with a Web browser, Gulliver Mate can provide wireless Internet services such as e-mail transmission and Internet access. When service providers start to provide Internet services, Web browsers will be upgraded so that Gulliver Mate customers can have greater access to wireless Internet services that are widely gaining popularity among the young generation. Thanks to Graphic User Interface (GUI), users can choose menus from various icons and graphics on the LCD screen, and with reinforced melody programming functions, 2 melodies are programmable instead of 1. There are other convenient functions including memory capacity of 100 phone numbers (electronic planner), personal scheduling, and biorhythm checking (selection between solar and lunar calendar is possible). Gulliver Mate is the culmination of style revolution and consumer-oriented attitude. It was made possible by HEI’s efforts to prepare for the 21st century with more sophisticated design and advanced technology. Starting with the release of Gulliver Mate, HEI is planning not only to make another leap forward in the domestic handset market, but also to accelerate exports overseas.