Press Release


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●With 7 inch screens, provides lively pictures inside vehicles Achieves the minimized space with 1 DIN-size sliding decks for the first time
●Expects to sell out in the domestic market starting mid October

Hyundai Electronics (CEO: Young-Hwan Kim) launches the extra-slim designed and produced 7 inch AV system (Model Name: HAV-72) for vehicle with 7 inch large scale LCD screens starting mid October. This product can be equipped into any kind of vehicle, and can be placed into where the existing car audio is in the dashboard of the front seats. And its being operable with remote control or voice sensor (Model Name: HA-951) enhanced convenience for use. The most distinguishable characteristic of this product is that since the screen is closed in normal or with radio on, and the screen is open when watching TV or movie by adopting the 1 DIN one-touch sliding deck, we realized the minimized space and neat appearance. Also, it can provide viewers with the optimum picture since we adopted the 7 inch wide TFT-LCD screen, the biggest one for use in vehicle, plus the angle of screen is easily adjustable. Other major functions and characteristics are: a high-quality audio function that provides lively sound for the users by placing DSP function and an equalizer; connectable to not only the video CD changer and Car Navigation System equipped in Hyundai vehicles at the same time but to other company-made products owing to external input/output connectors 2 per each. Also, it enhanced the convenience for the users with its explanation function by various graphic pictures. Hyundai Electronics, which has been developing and launching video CD changer, AV system, car TV, and navigation system for vehicles since 1996, puts “7 inch AV system for vehicles’ on the market reflecting the customers’ demands for more diversified functions and sophisticated design, and plans to launch related products on the car AV after-market in the domestic car industry hereafter.