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Hyundai ElectronicsTM Signs Master Purchase Agreement with AirTouch Cellular for CDMA Pico and Micro Base Stations

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– Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. today announced that it signed a five-year agreement allowing AirTouch Cellular and its affiliates to purchase cdmaOneTM Pico and Micro wireless base stations for their personal communications systems (PCS) and cellular networks.

AirTouch Cellular is a subsidiary of Vodafone AirTouch Plc based in the United Kingdom, the world’s largest wireless communications firm, with over 31 million proportionate customers worldwide.

“This agreement facilitates AirTouch and our affiliates’ ability to deploy affordable, modular base station technology, resulting in significant operational savings in both backhaul and site expenses,” said Brent Bettencourt, director of strategic technology at AirTouch. “It also provides flexibility to offer improved service in locations where it has not been cost efficient to do so in the past, such as outlying areas, variable traffic corridors, and inside buildings.”

“Hyundai is delighted to have the opportunity to offer AirTouch and its affiliates the same advanced technology currently used to support subscribers in Korea, the largest CDMA network in the world,” remarked Kelly Joyce, director of sales for wireless networks at Hyundai Electronics. “At Hyundai, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service, and we are confident AirTouch and other carriers will recognize the advantages of partnering with a network solutions provider dedicated to delivering advanced technology and superior customer support.”

The ultra-compact, lightweight Hyundai Pico base station offers unparalleled flexibility for mounting nearly anywhere – indoors or outdoors. Its silent operation makes it ideal for office buildings where the noise of a fan is unacceptable. Additional base stations can be added for multi-sector or multi-carrier coverage while sharing a fractional T1 or E1 network connection.

The Hyundai Micro base station offers additional capacity along with many of the same advantages as the Pico base station. Hyundai’s CDMA Pico and Micro base transceiver stations (BTS) and base station controllers (BSC) are inter-operable with other vendors’ mobile switching centers (MSC) in accordance with IS-634A and CDG-IOS 2.0 standards. Hyundai base stations are offered with Celletra BeamerTM array technology.

“Celletra’s unique BeamerTM technology of modular and controllable active antennas will substantially enhance the coverage and capacity of Hyundai’s base stations,” said Dr. Joseph Shapira, President and CEO of Celletra Ltd. “This solution is reliable and affordable, adding a new dimension in flexibility for optimizing wireless networks”.


About Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd.

Hyundai Electronics provides sales and technical support for CDMA wireless networks for North America and the Caribbean from its office in San Jose, California. CDMA networks and handsets are produced in Hyundai Electronics’ ISO 9001 certified large-scale production facility in Ichon, Korea. In 1996, Hyundai Electronics provided wireless systems for the first commercially deployed CDMA network. Korea continues to account for a large portion of the world’s CDMA subscribers. Building on this experience, Hyundai Electronics offers a full line of CDMA wireless network solutions deployed world-wide for mobile voice and data, wireless offices, and for wireless local loop in traditional and packet networks at 800, 1800, and 1900 MHz. For more information, visit Hyundai Electronics’ web site at, or call (408) 232-8700.

About Celletra Ltd.

Celletra Ltd. develops, manufactures, and markets integrated tower-top, modular active antenna systems for cellular base stations utilizing its patent-pending BeamerTM technology. Celletra’s family of products ranges from microcells and repeaters to multibeam and adaptive antennas, and standardizes the interface between the base station and the tower-top transmission system. For more information, please contact Dimitrios Lalos, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing in the Americas, Celletra Ltd., at (630) 587-9862, or e-mail: