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International Data Corporation (IDC) Names Hyundai MicroElectronics #1 DRAM Supplier In 1999

By December 6, 1999 December 7th, 2020 No Comments

The renowned industry research house, International Data Corporation of Framingham, MA, said in its preliminary findings that Hyundai MicroElectronics holds the #1 position in worldwide DRAM rankings for 1999. IDC said in its findings that Hyundai (combined with LG Semicon) captured 23.5 percent market share for 1999. This ranking is based on Hyundai’s projected output of 64Mb DRAM equivalents. This year, Hyundai has a projected output of 509 million 64Mb DRAM equivalents. Micron comes in as the #2 DRAM supplier with 17.6 percent market share, while Samsung dropped to the #3 ranking with 16.8 percent market share, according to IDC’s report. Farhad Tabrizi, Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Product Planning for the DRAM Business Unit for Hyundai MicroElectronics, said, “IDC’s report confirms what we’ve believed to be the case for our product and technology leadership. Together with LG Semicon resources, Hyundai has forged a major DRAM market share. Our goal is to sustain and grow this lead through innovative customer service programs and competitive technology. As we move into the year 2000, we are well positioned to take a significant lead in the DRAM market. With our current product roadmap, we have the most cost-effective solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.” Hyundai MicroElectronics is currently placing considerable emphasis on both single and double data rate (DDR) synchronous DRAM products to serve a wide array of applications. Some of the products Hyundai has recently announced include a second generation 256Mb SDRAM at 166 MHz, 128Mb DDR, 64Mb (4M x 16) DDR up to 333 megabits per second per pin (Mbit/sec.), 1M x 16 SDRAM up to 200 MHz and a 2M x 32 SDRAM up to 200 MHz.